November 18, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Dragonfly

card 28 Dragonfly 1122
Today the Dragonfly falls from the deck bringing with it messages from the in between that we sometimes sense in and around our own Sacred Hoops. Sometimes we receive reminders in forms of tingles, goosebumps, messages in dreamtime, synchronicities that pop up in our lives… we need to pay attention to them, for they are gifts from our Guides, from our Ancestors who have walked before us, our loved ones in Spirit. All assisting us to get to what and where we need to be in that precise moment. Listen with your soul and you will understand more clearly the path you are on.

Mystical, magical that is what life is. Full of Miracles that sometimes we are blind to see. We need to allow our awareness to open and become so we may see and have our souls rejoice with the knowledge that has been shared with us. Open to the positives and stop feeding the fears.

Dragonfly is all about transformation and adaptability. It is messenger of the in between, of here and there and everywhere at the same time. It is beyond time, before time. It is about darkness to light and back again. Dragonfly tells us that everything is in a cycle, so remember and allow more joy to fill your soul. To help you understand that all things are as they should be, and that life itself is magical beyond belief. For our souls do not hold form, and our human self just helps them to experience our earth walks before continuing to the next part of our journeys.

Dragonflies begin their lives in water and then as they grow they move into the air learning to fly. It teaches us to balance the present time and accept it so we may once again move forward, listening as Spirit shares with us all the secrets of here and beyond.

“I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing the Native culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth.”

Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…
Mitakuye O`yasin
bear Medicinewalker


“Fourth Wind” from Wind Dance Under the Moon by David Rose. Released: 2013.  Available at and at

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  1. Thank you! Your messages have started coming to me at a time of incredible need in my life! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    1. Mig`wetch… I am glad that Spirit has connected with you. I add you to prayer, may the Ancestors shine the way for you to follow in positives!
      ~ bear

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