October 15, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Fox

card 35 Red Fox 1122

Today is time for playfulness, for dancing our dreams and choosing which ones we will move forward with. Seriously we need to honor the playfulness inside each of us by listening to what that little voice is telling us and running with it! we need to pay attention to things yes, we need to get things done yes, but we need also to remember that patience will get us the results we are seeking and that dwelling doesn’t get things done.

So while we go through our day today, take time for self. Take a nap, go outside and breathe and dance in the world! Be like the playful fox running and rolling in a field with the butterflies, for when we are done doing just that…the world is still here, but we may have just given ourselves a fresh approach to manifesting the positive things we are seeking!

The Fox brings us lessons on survival and adaptability, teaching us that sometimes it is best to hide in plain sight rather than to secure yourself in the shadows. To be adaptable in the pursuit of our goals, so we can accomplish what we have set out to do for the highest good.

Fox calls us to listen to that little voice we all have inside called “intuition” and trust it when it signals us to be aware of certain things as we are walking our paths. Fox also reminds us that it is okay to be alone once in awhile for it teaches us to be self reliant and independent, which makes us stronger beings able to stand in our Sacred Hoops balanced and secure.

Yet be aware and walk with open senses to the world around you so that you will not be surprised but rather prepared for what shows up on your walk. Patience is another lesson Fox brings to the table for us, patience to watch, listen and learn without movement until we can gain the knowledge needed to accomplish what we have set out to be or do. If we rely on what it is we instinctively know, it will guide us in the right direction.

Know what it is you are seeking and then reach into your toolkit that you have been provided and use what you know in positive ways to get you there.

Mitakuye O`yasin

~ bear Medicinewalker

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