We Are All Related – Totem Deck


These cards were and still are a work in progress. The first set that was released in November of 2014 was completely sold out in two weeks. I have continued work with them and the relationship that “Spirit and the Ancestors” have continued to guide me towards. With that said the deck has evolved and grown. I have also added a sub deck and a few cards in the main deck have been switched out and/or added. It is all for people to be able to understand the relationships we have to All things Sacred as we walk the Human.

Everything in and around our Sacred Hoops interacts with us…teaching us lessons…showing us ways to adapt and push through life’s obstacles. This is why I created this deck…to remind us that life teaches us constantly, that everything has purpose and meaning…even when we at times forget. So it is to remind us that indeed….  We Are All Related! 

I hope that you can both enjoy and learn from them as I have… Many Blessings to you all!




Wolf is a very organized creature. It understands there is need for order and balance for harmony to occur with our Sacred Hoops. Wolf is regarded as one of the most powerful spirit guides of all for it represents teacher and lessons to be learned and shared with self. It speaks to us to seek counsel from people that you respect. To take a moment to step back and look for the true meaning from the issue you face. By doing so, you will be able to walk clearly ahead and do what needs to be done with the knowledge you can see it all clearly.

Although many think the site of a lone wolf means freedom but it does not. It instead represents that it is a time to look deep in oneself and find the balance that is needed in your own life that is lacking. For the wolf is meant to be in packs, in a community, in a family, with its mate. The times you see wolves on their own or isolated is do to unbalance that needs to reground and once again be in the circle of the Sacred Hoop.
The Wolf cry reminds us to stand our ground, remember we all need boundaries. It is about communication, answering the call and listening to the response. The Wolf an assist us to open and listen to the sound of others in order to understand better the situation. It is about having the strength of the pack, and your closest friends with you when you need them without questions.

Wolf is strongly connected to lunar cycles, so learn to move with that cycle and honor it in order to be at your best. They teach us to weed out what is the weakest and no longer serves us, so that new and better things will come our way.