Video Readings


This is a collection of readings and responses to them. And there are lessons in them all…
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed bringing them through from “Spirit”


Marguerite – Oh wow. What do I say. That’s who I’ve been thinking about all day. The daisy is her favorite. The fat cat is on the other side, was hubby’s. She has brought me beyond everything I could have imagined. Thank you so much. I am laughing, dancing and crying, at the same time! The cats name was snowball! LOL He was a huge snowball ! Love you too

Carmela – oh my….oh my, OH MY. that is my Auntie Donna. I am so crying right now! Thank you so much, I love this reading!

Julie – Older female my aunt eda’ the cook in the family and the older gentleman who at first I thought was my grandfather actually might be my great uncle Joe who I never met. His face popped into my head when u mentioned the fedora. Mums my aunt called snowballs. I’m trying to figure out how to open my own deli/cafe. My mother who’s birthday is tomorrow would have been 80. She loved Sinatra. Thank you Bear you brought happy tears I miss them everyday and do talk to them everyday