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They Are In!!!

Working to bring the best of blends and freshest herbs and teas into blends that meld the traditional with the modern zest!

Available in teabag or loose teabag form.   Have Finally Arrived!

Wolf’s Lemon Grass Fields

This blend is the wolf’s favorite and like a sunny day in the meadow it brings a clean summer scent of fresh cut lemon grass that gives you a wonderful and gentle hug that you need sometimes throughout the day or evening. With that slight hint of sweet ginger it brings that aromatic blend to tingle your senses to gently uplift and calm, and naturally caffeine free.

Steep 8- 10 minutes for best flavor

bags or loose tea

Jasmine Dreams

Jasmine tea has long been a favorite of mine for it has always had a way of taking me to that place of serenity. A true tea drinkers experience with its aromatic sensation and sweet smell of the Jasmine trees on a breeze floating around you on a starry night!. This tea blend is the highest grade for green jasmine teas. A definite favorite for sure for any true tea lover. Serve Hot or Cold!

Steep at 195° for 2-3 minutes.

bags or loose tea

Brother Bear Blackberry

Inspired by my Brother Shaun and the story he told me of when he and his wife, Ms. Lizzy Star gathered blackberries throughout the fields over in the English Countryside. This refreshing and bold tea brings through the sweet and tart flavors of the fresh picked berries themselves. Serve hot or cold. Just remember as you are sipping this wonderful tea, the effort that was taken by my Brother bear Shaun as he hoisted himself up and over walls, through bushes and pickers, just get a taste of the blackberries!

Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.

bags or loose tea

Earl Grey Lavender Star

A proper cup-a-tea! When I think of Lizzy Star I think purple and lavender fields. So with that in mind I set off to find a tea that would match her spunk, and “Absolutely” (as Lizzy would say) we have got it! Nothing quite starts the day off like some fresh Lavender infused Earl Grey tea.

Steep at 212° for 3-5 minutes.

bags or loose tea

bear’s Orange Blossom

I love orange… so why not an Orange Blossom Tea? This is a robust Black Ceylon tea that is infused with oranges. This tea is great hot or cold…and ahhh what more can I say? A bear, some oranges and some wonderful aromatic tea! Cozy on up to a mug I am sure you will add this to your list of favorites!

Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.

bags or loose tea