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Client Feed Back

My journey has begun! My dreams are becoming reality so quickly my head is spinning…I now know what my path is and I welcome it with open arms…my wings are spread and this momma bird is ready to fly! Back in March during our session you had a vision Bear and it has manifested. Thank you for your guidance and all that you do! Have a great day.
– Debbie Hines

I was listening to one of your podcasts this morning, and all I can say is thank god I did.. I was so far off my path and going in the wrong direction until I listened to you this morning. Thank you. I need to get spirituality back in balance.



I just wanted to thank you again for the reading last Sunday. It was a lot of validation for me which was great for me. Btw my moon is in Scorpio!!
Best to you

You’re amazing! Thank you SO much! I can’t tell you how excited I feel right now. I really appreciate YOU. ~ Jane Wilcox


Bear, you and your guides are amazing! I feel so good and privileged to have you in my life. My reading was awesome and I thank you, thank you from within. This feeling of happiness, love and joy I attribute to your words of wisdom and your wonderful guides ~Nitza Mejias


I had a most powerful awe inspiring reading from Bear today.. It humbled me and made me look deep inside myself to first forgive myself because I needed to do that first before I was able to forgive someone else for having the nerve to crossover when I so needed her.. What Bear gave me made me see was that she was still there by my side better than before., that healing comes in all forms.. Bear also gave me the insight to rid myself of fear, to believe , to trust to LIVE because my past is my past and I can not change that.. That I can change now.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my FRIEND.. ~RUTH SILVER WOLF


Bear gave me a reading today, and it was profound! she brings forward messages of love, divine love. Everything, i mean everything she said was so accurate and so beautiful. I will not soon forget it. I love you Bear! thank you for your love and healing. ~Nick Fox


It has been a revelation to have a spiritual reading with Bear. She helped me understand what I needed to concentrate on to move on and the meanings and symbols behind the events that have recently taken place in my life. She did so lovingly and with the utmost respect. She taught me to acknowledge a broader view and her messages were extremely accurate and helpful. All with loving energy from Spirit. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again in the future and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her. Listen to her blogtalk radio show and you will understand what I mean.
Many Blessings. ~ Gabriela


Bear Medicinewalker is one of the most amazing ‘readers’ I have ever had the honor to meet. She is so professional, so accurate, so gifted, and so right on about me when she does a reading for me. I never fail to be brought to tears as she shares firmly and lovingly what I need to hear.
How most fortunate for me to have her in my life as a trusted reader and a beautiful soul.
~ Becki Hawkins


I have had more than one reading with Bear Medicine, the messages she has given me have helped me so much and she brings them through with so much love. Thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are ~ Robin Cesario


Bette Brownlow ~ I would like to give Bear a rousing endorsement….excellent..


Thank you so much Bear for such a beautiful reading that resonated so very much with what i am going through and with my soul!!
~ Marcy Wilcox


Gurbh maith agat..Gaelic for Thank you..for the amazing journey (reading) i am so blessed & as I sit here in Ireland,in silence,I feel such peace…you are an incredibly special being and you share your light and love in a most beautiful way..if you haven’t had a journey with Bear Medicinewalker yet..put it on the top of your to do list ASAP ..
Gra Agus solus..



I had the most amazing life affirming reading today with Bear Medicinewalker. Bear thank you so much for what will definitely change my life…all the words you shared with me today resonate with what my heart and soul already tell me everyday. Affirmation is revealing and life fulfilling. God Bless You and all you share with the world.
Kelly Ann Sadowski


Hi Bear,
It’s me. I just wanted to thank you for my wonderful reading yesterday. Not only were you 100% accurate, you are very easy to talk to. Plus, you crack me up! It was fun and we’ll do it again! Thanks again!
Have a fun Sunday
K. Reid

Paula Wratten to‎ bear Medicinewalker
Thank you for the most amazing reading, love the way you work with the energy, thank you from the heart P x



souls embrace
Soul’s Embrace

Bear made me the most beautiful, powerful and energized painting I have ever encountered! The moment I unwrapped it, my heart sung with joy! Not only because of its beauty, but because of the healing, love and light stored within the painting. I could feel the energy exploding from it, filling my house with blessings and love. My dog noticed it as well. He spent almost 30 minutes staring at the painting, focused on it without even moving. And when I moved the painting, he moved with it, following me.
I am so blessed to have such an incredible artwork in my home! I am eternally grateful to Bear for creating such a profound artwork for me! It fit me perfectly!
Love you bear
Nick Fox

Awesome, awesome reading with Bear. I left feeling empowered to continue on my path and break a road block or two thanks to her messages. They were reassuring, calming and very deep! Thank you so much Bear. Much love and light!
~ Maryann Sims

What do you say when you do not have words to describe the energy that comes from the various pieces of artwork a.k.a. jewelry pieces that now own me. AWESOME. Each piece I have is superbly made and ohhhhhhhhhhhh so beautiful..Each piece has its own energy that it gives off.. I do believe a few more pieces will own me in the near future…..I have quite a wish list going on..
Thank you Bear for each lovely piece that own me

– Ruth Stilphen



OMG! This Druzy….is amazing….I just cannot believe the instant calmness that came over me. I am in love with its energy!!!

Sharon Cubba




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Blessings ~ bear


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