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This is a place to come and connect, learn and share our humanness. To take a moment and perhaps smile, think outside the box…

it is all what I have been assigned by God Creator to help people understand. Sometimes in our everyday life we often forget to just simply stop and appreciate all that is.

With that in mind, I invite you to become a participant of life. The Wolf and the bear Network was created to share and inspire cultural awareness. To look, listen and share what our Ancestors have left with us all….

So I encourage you to take a moment to walk through my virtual cave, see all the wonderful things and people that are here, and when you do… just take a deep breath in and smile!

Many blessings,

~ bear Medicinewalker

A Non Traditional Healer, Empath and Medium…with over 25 years of experience in working with Spirit and People. Let’s bridge the gap as We Are All Related.. We All Walk a Human Path… We Are all Humans Perfect in our Imperfections. Join me and the Network to Help Bring About Positive Change and Balance through the sharing of Community and Healing Energies and Prayer!
We only need to quiet our selves to hear what “Spirit” shares and to learn about each other.

I am many things to many people.  But mostly…I am bear. I am guided to do my work by the Creator with  assistance from the Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  I grew up in Detroit and have lived in Michigan all my life, but have traveled far and wide.  My work is done with the help from the  Guides that work with me.  Nothing is ever the same, ever evolving.

I  work with the Angels, and with all the Spirit Realms that love us. It is powerful and humbling at the same time.

This is a time of Change. This is a time to remember who we all are and have been. Walk with me as we find the common grounds we all have from beyond birth.! Lets sit and listen as the Ancestors share and guide you to the answers you are seeking.

Blessings to You All,
~ bear Medicinewalker

Life Coaching, Spiritual Readings, Healing work, House Blessings, Grief Counseling All available by request.

****Also house group readings can be arranged, if interested please feel free to contact me so that we may discuss possible arrangements .

Reading Costs
Session is $100 for the hour,  $50 for 1/2 hour,  20 minutes $40. Sessions can be done through Skype, Phone or arranged at *my home*, or possibly visiting you (Michigan residents) please feel free to contact me to see what works better for you.   I have also added recently Subscriber rates for people who want regular sessions, minimum will be three months for subscription.

****(See Below for more info and signing up.)

****Also if you are unable to pay a fee please inbox me and we can see about making other arrangements to accommodate you and your needs.

~ bear

One Time Sessions


It is very important to understand that our future is always changing and at any given moment we can change that by our choices. You should never live their lives exclusively by what comes through in a reading. Rather use the information or communication that is shared as a guide to improve their current situation., or become who you are meant to be.

bear Medicinewalker cannot be held liable for any action taken, or lack thereof, based upon any such information or communication following services rendered.

bear Medicinewalker is not, nor does she claim to be, a medical professional and does not intend said information or communication to replace consulting a medical professional who is able to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any ailment or affliction, physical or psychological in nature.

Any client who seeks her services acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the terms of this agreement.

Client Confidentiality Guarantee All personal information you provide is kept private and confidential, as is all information exchanged during our sessions. The relationship between myself and you the client is based on trust, integrity and discretion- all beliefs to which I strictly adhere.

Also please note that I value and respect your time, please do the same for me. Be prepared to be there at your appointment time. I understand and honor emergencies, but please note I will only reschedule once if you simply forgot the appointment time. My time is just as valuable as anyone elses.

10 Replies to “Book a Reading”

  1. Thank you Bear….if i need assistance I would be Happy call on you….i have Cherokee in me so for love of all natives has never been very far from me….I never got to see my Great Grandmother who wAs Cherokee..but jnew she always loved me..glad Holly gave me your address…will talk to you soon.

  2. Hi my name is Mary Wadsworth. A friend of yours ( Laura) just came into my shop in Harbor Springs today and I noticed her beautiful earrings and asked where she bought them, and she told me about you!

    I would like to set up a reading with you.
    I tried to run my card but an error keeps coming up on page.
    Would you mind contacting me through my email and I could call you with my CC number.
    Thanks Bear, I look forward to connecting with you.
    Best wishes,

  3. When my daughter was born over 20 years ago, she was fighting for her life. I had a Native American come into the nursery and prayed and chanted. She survived & now has a child of her own. The reason for this is,the man who came in the neonatal nursery last name was Medicinewalker. Could you help me find him so i can thank him & have him bless my granddaughter.

  4. I have had Readings from Bear Medicinewalker,my first was a gift.I’ll never forget that reading and remember every word she spoke.That same evening is the evening the Dragonflies visited and the Grandchildren ran around the yard so excited that those Dragonflies were only in our yard and nowhere else…I’ll never forget that either.That Reading changed my life and made me realize where my Spiritual path was guiding me.Bear is much more than a Reader…she’s a Teacher,Healer,Counselor,the list goes on.By no means is it wrong for her to get paid for her services…nor will she lose any powers by doing so.Exchange…isn’t that how it has always been done by our Ancestors?

  5. Bear Medicinewalker has done several readings for me and my family. Her and her guides are unique and amazing. I will continue to have readings with her because she does not only do the readings, she is there for you no matter what. After a reading, if you have questions she is more than happy to answer them for you. She will counsel you as well if need be. Also, if you do not have money for the reading, she will not charge. The “price” for the readings are nothing compared to what she and her guides give to us. Over the years, I have had readings from others and have paid for those readings, even when I felt they were not true readings, this is how it is done. I will say this, Bear will have and has many blessings coming toward her because of all she does for humanity. I have also recommended friends and family to her because of her sincerity and love to all. Will be getting a reading very soon from her, because I believe in her and her guides. I am Boriqua (Taino)

  6. i know alot of cherokees .. i have had many paid readings from Bear and she has always been spot on… just saying she didnt lose any of her gift.. and also Ms Bear pays it forward with readings more often than not

  7. you ask lot for a reading. most who need it cannot afford it. I have been told when you pay for a reading, the reader losses his/her power. So I never ask one penny. It all comes back to me in many ways. I am Cherokee.

    1. Actually I do not ask for a lot. I ask for fair trade. It is a way for me to pay my own expenses. And as you do not know me, you do not know what I do for many people who come to me…and I work with Creator and the Ancestors, I stand in my Sacred Hoop and I do not loose anything.

      I work with many and do not charge… I am Cherokee as well…but that does not mean that I give away everything for free. You may choose to disagree, and that is fine it is your sense of value not mine. But also remember in return do not judge what you do not know about first hand.

      The truth of the matter is I do free work all the time, but I do not consider it work it is what I have been called to do since I was young.

      If a person walks a true path of medicine with the Creator and the Ancestors the people that need to show up at our doors do, and we do what we can to assist them.

      I will also state that what I ask is no different if a person goes to a person for service or goods, there has to be balance.

      I also agree it comes back to me in many positive ways what I do as well… but being Cherokee isn’t why good things come back someone… it is a way a person walks.

      Migwetch and many Blessings to you as well
      ~ bear Medicinewalker

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