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So what’s Happening at the cave in the studio for the fall of 2017?

Well lot’s of things for sure…been on a hiatus for a bit and now is time to begin working with “Spirit” once again to bring forth what is needed for healing, teachings and more. Keep watch as things begin to be added once again to the Emporium! Much more work with totems and of course the @Spiritwalkers are sticking there bossy selves into the mix as well!

So for now…be well and thanks for stopping into the virtual cave for a peek at what is new!

~bear Medicinewalker



bear's Custom Smudge

Putting together a custom blend of White Sage, Tobacco, Cedar, Lavender and Sweetgrass as a base and adding what is called for… for you individually. Smudge is an important part of my daily routine, so it is something I take very seriously. sent to you as a custom blend for what is needed at this moment in time to assist you in walking a positive path. Accompanied by a prayer tie assembled just for you by me to thank you for your support in all that I do.

Inbox me and I will let you know if I have fresh stock ready to be sent out at the moment.


What are Spiritwalkers@ 2017?


Pendulums have been used for divination for hundreds of years. It assists us to understand and utilize our intuition and connect us our subconscious minds. Out of all divination systems, the Pendulum provides us one of the easiest, clearest and most accurate divination tool available today.
all of us can use a little insight now and then and pendulums have been used for divination for centuries and are well known for their dowsing ability to locate resources of any kind.

Some folks believe that the pendulum finds the connection to our intuitive section of the mind. “Divining” with a pendulum is a method of connecting to a higher source enabling us to obtain information from a divine source. Scientific research indicates that the pendulum responds and reacts to electromagnetic energy that emanates from everything on the Great Mother Earth.

I will also be posting on how to use them in the days to come on the Stone People and crystal Keepers page here on my site for easy reference.

From the quartz family this is a very strong amplifier as it is combined with Black Tourmaline Rutile which also is also a strong amplifier. The intense energy that emanates from the threads of Rutile combined with the quartz creates an amazing vibration. It assists in stimulating spiritual creativity for manifesting goals and positives that you want to bring to our Sacred Hoops.

this group of rutilated Quartz with Black tourmaline amplifies and opens the thought process connecting us with the Divine within and everywhere, bringing through healing and creative energies and knowledge that lies just under the surface of our conscious minds. Golden Rutilated Quartz can also be programmed with your intentions helping us to move with positive steps and manifest quicker what it is we need, want and desire. It is a powerful stone and is commonly used for spiritual healing as well as mental and physical work.

Each stone is a little different but fully charged and ready to go. Blessed and wrapped in Red cloth and surrounded by smudge it makes a powerful allies for sure.

$18.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling in U.S. only
(Contact me from outside U.S. Shipping price)



The Super 7 crystal or as I refer to it the 7 Sacred Directions stone, is composed of 7 stones that grew together: amethyst, clear quartz, smokey quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, goethite and lepidocrosite. It contains the healing properties of all 7 minerals and packs a very powerful punch! It is said to brings forth the energy of the Ancestors and the Angelic realms. It helps to harmonize and balance the human core and stimulate a natural path to our body’s natural healing system by assisting to heals our cellular memories. Also is instrumental in purifying and energizing all chakras and aura fields aligning them to the highest spiritual vibrations and energetic fields.

Each stone is a little different but fully charged and ready to go. Blessed and wrapped in Red cloth and surrounded by smudge it makes a powerful allies for sure.
$40.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling in the U.S. only


Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional Love. It resonates to one’s very soul. The high energy of quartz gives rose quartz the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. Bringing love in to life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it. Rose Quartz is also all about Self Love and balancing that acceptance we all need for us to move in positives!
This stone always reacts to me quite quickly, as soon as I touch them they begin to charge and will turn white to clear in color, filled with healing energies. it has never ceased to amaze me, and many of my friends have witnessed it over the years. But positive charge is what is instilled with much love…

Each stone is a little different but fully charged and ready to go. Blessed and wrapped in Red cloth and surrounded by smudge it makes a powerful allies for sure.
$16.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling in U.S. Only.
(Contact me from outside U.S. Shipping price)



Love Love Love Citrine… and for me one of the truest and clearest pendulums, as it is not effected by outside influence at all.

Citrine is the stone that holds no negative energy It attracts positive energy only and repels negativity. Coming from the Quartz Crystal family it’s color ranges from yellow to a golden brown or burnt amber. it is also known as the “Merchants Stone” as for centuries many shopkeepers have kept it in their registers to attract positive cash flow! Citrine helps bring about balance or the ying to the yang. It is a stone of clarity.
Each stone is a little different but fully charged and ready to go. Blessed and wrapped in Red cloth and surrounded by smudge it makes a powerful allies for sure.
$16.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling in U.S. Only.
(Contact me from outside U.S. Shipping price)



Amethyst the Healers Stone! One of the most powerful crystals you can work with. Calming, healing, protecting and it enhances psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. The color is of a medium purple and emanates it is in charge. It emanates a cooling healing energy. Each stone is a little different but fully charged and ready to go. Blessed and wrapped in Red cloth and surrounded by smudge it makes a powerful allies for sure.
$16.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling in U.S. Only.


This stone has fast become a favorite of mine! Strawberry Quartz is a rare variety of Quartz that works with the Heart Chakra. Coloring runs from a solid strawberry pinkish-red, to one swirled within clear Quartz. It is quite compelling and eminates a soft but totally in control kind of healing energy when I have used it. In addition to the generic healing properties of Quartz, Strawberry Quartz stimulates the heart chakra creating a feeling of love and with the euphoria of the Sacred around each of us.

Each stone is a little different but fully charged and ready to go. Blessed and wrapped in Red cloth and surrounded by smudge it makes a powerful allies for sure.

$18.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling in U.S. Only.
(Contact me from outside U.S. Shipping price)

…Of Land and Sea Healing Hoop and Medicine Pouch
Turtle teaches us that we need to remember to walk our paths slow and steady with determination, for if we do our goals will surely be met. They remind us that sometimes it is best to walk on solid ground strong and precise with each step, and at other times it is better to dive into the waters and swim with the current allowing life to assist us in that forward motion.Turtle helps us to ground reminding us that slowing down and pacing each step will help us build confidence for as we walk at this pace, we will see more of what is being shared with us by the world around us… knowledge of the “Old Ones”.

Slowing our pace, calming our breath, listening to our heartbeat, centering our spirit so that we are in balance and sync with the rest of our world.Turtles remind us that what we need is provided for us, that we need to remember the beginning, the simple and honor all that is Sacred, for it is part of who we all are. Be humble, grateful and make the most of what we have and what we are offered.



“Otter” Totem Spiritwalker
Otter rests in the Butterfly Clan on the Medicine Wheel. It teaches and shares with us about the elements of Earth and Water since it is able to live on the land yet still needs to be close to the water. Teaching the importance of strong family ties, being able to adapt to what life throws at us, it reminds us of parental instincts, playfulness, and about being able to stop and take time to play and enjoy what life is offering.Otter also speaks to balancing the light with the dark, for it is difficult to walk only one side of the road without understanding the other.Otters are also telling us to adapt if we need to, we will be stronger for it and in doing so we will be able to transition through things seamlessly.This animal Totem Spiritwalker playfully swims with the Fish. This is part of the Medicine Wheel grouping that I will be working on. It also represents those born under the sign of the Otter, the Cleansing Time January 20th to February 18th on the Medicine Wheel.Adorned with Red Coral, Dreamcatcher, Orange dyed Deer fur, Brass Bells, Feather and Prayer Tie. The Otter are handcrafted, kilned and painted by bear Medicinewalker and are “One of a Kind”. Blessed and Ready to find a new home.

$50.00 plus shipping and handling

Totem “Deer” @Spiritwalker
An animal that is especially close to my heart walking with me often in realtime and in spirit. It reminds us always about the gentleness that is needed as we walk the human. It is a reminder for us all to utilize more sensitivity when dealing with the world and the people around us..
Take a moment to stop, breathe and observe your surroundings, your life, and a situation before stepping ahead. Sometimes that awareness is needed to be able to step into it in a positive way. When encouragement is needed it is often received better with a gentle nudge than a shove or push.Open heartedness is the way of the deer… loving all unless given a reason not to…The deer shares with us the wisdom of listening, grace and appreciation for the true balance of our own Sacred Hoops and that of the world around us all.Adorned with Abalone, Red Coral, Bells, Deer Fur, Bells for the Four Sacred Directions to help Center the Spirit…Feathers and Prayer Tie.
$50.00 plus shipping and handling

From the West… Bear Totem @Spiritwalker 2016
Bear is all about fertility (creative and manifestation), instinct, protection and solitude. Those that walk with Bear are often somewhat reclusive requiring a great deal of personal space to renew and create. Bear people will often “disconnect” for awhile as they pursue projects becoming deeply involved in what they are working on. Deeply protective and territorial, Bear also is extremely loyal and dependable.Bear teaches us when healing of any sort is needed to use that time for introspective work in order to grow Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and find answers to problems within yourself.Travel deep into your soul find the purpose in your own path and journey and walk ahead in positive steps.Bear shares with us that in this time hibernation is not only good but needed, yet respect our natural hibernation cycle and remember to reawaken in the spring, in doing so awaken the potential within ourselves and the power of our unconscious mind.Bear teaches us there is a time for playfulness and a time to be assertive, and perhaps a time for both in balance.Adorned with Red Coral, Turquoise, Horse Hair, Turkey Feather, Prayer Tie  … Blessed and ready to find it’s new Home!
$50.00 plus shipping and handling


detail of @Spiritwalker
Snow Owl @Spiritwalker brings with it lessons of our Ancestors that taech us to take time to shift between the lines of light and dark during times in our lives when the lines appear to blur, doing so will help us to achieve clarity. Owl brings both Magical and Spiritual with it’s presence. always Sacred to me, and to be revered by all.  Owl shares with us the Great Mystery and all that is to be understood in life as we walk the human path. Teaching us to be open and see with wonderment the life that is around us, interacting with us, sharing with us, part of us even in the smallest of ways. In return showing us how we can impact it all in return. To keep our eyes open in even in what we may perceive as dark times, for that glimmer of hope and light to shine through.

Remember to fly beyond and look at the larger picture so better to plan ahead how to approach situations, people or the journey itself. It teaches us to use our intuition and deep connections with wisdom that has been seeded deep within our souls. If he has showed up in your life today… perhaps you need to look closer for the hidden truths.
$50.00 plus shipping and handling

“Crone Wisdom Seeker” @Spiritwalker
Teaching us to hold on to our power, stand strong with the knowledge of all that you have learned and been taught throughout your life has meaning and it is time not to retain that wisdom … rather it is time to share it with the world. Guided by the Keepers of secrets and messengers of the in-between… the Ravens, She sets in her own power among the place of dreams and the earthly plane. Blessed and adorned with tobacco tie and bells to chime as Spirit brings messages, adorned in fur and colored in silver and gray, she is ready to find her new home!
“Golden’s” Healing Shield
Eagles with their sharp eyesight take us to the heights to observe situations in a manner that is more beneficial for us to make clear decisions. To become that visionary and push ourselves to discover and accept self, to accept truths, adapting , changing and growing along the way.
Teaching us to reflect and pause, to rejoice and reconnect to our spirits. To honor our paths, the ethics we have been taught. To Pray, to honor to live in a sacred manner. To listen to our Ancestors that have walked before us and in doing so listen to the wisdom’s that have been shared so that we can walk more positive paths.Adorned and blessed with Sweetgrass, beautiful chime bells to catch the energy of the wind so the spirit can soar, and prayer tie.SOLD
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Medicine Bear by Chris Ferree