Spiritual and Totem Insights for the Day – the Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher was thrown this morning as a reminder for us to filter out the negatives of the day, and allow only the positive to filter through. We are capable of doing just that if we stop and bring it to the fore front of our minds. Why is it that we are so often driven to sit and watch, listen and/or participate in the ugly things in life? Gossip, hate, negativity that spreads like a disease have become so much a part of the world around us that it is easy to get sucked into it all. But today we need to begin to set up our boundaries, our protection, our own of Sacred space. It needs to be understood that negativity no longer lives and breeds within our circles.

So like the Dreamcatcher, place your web around your life… allow yourself to dream big, dream good things.. allowing the positives to enter your life in order to strengthen your foundations of your futures.

The Dreamcatcher is known to many far and wide. It is a part of the Native American culture that captivates the world. But for many of us it is a reminder of a gift given to us in return for holding a life as Sacred and protecting it.

The story goes that a spider was quietly spinning her web in her own space. It was beside the sleeping space of Nokomis, the grandmother. Each day, Nokomis watched the spider at work, quietly spinning away. One day as she was watching her, her grandson came in. “Nokomis-iya!” he shouted, glancing at the spider. He stomped over to the spider, picked up a shoe and went to hit it.

“No-keegwa,” the old lady whispered, “don’t hurt her.”
“Nokomis, why do you protect the spider?” asked the little boy.

The old lady smiled, but did not answer. When the boy left, the spider went to the old woman and thanked her for saving her life. She said to her, “For many days you have watched me spin and weave my web. You have admired my work. In return for saving my life, I will give you a gift.”
She smiled her special spider smile and moved away, spinning as she went.

Soon the moon glistened on a magical silvery web moving gently in the window. “See how I spin?” she said. “See and learn, for each web will snare bad dreams. Only good dreams will go through the small hole. This is my gift to you. Use it so that only good dreams will be remembered. The bad dreams will become hopelessly entangled in the web.”

So allow the negatives of life to become entangled in the web of life, and let only the good and positives to enter so that you will walk in a good light as you move forward in your journeys.

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker



“Song of Peace” from Shadowland by John DeBoer available at http://www.skydancerdesigns.com/

Spiritual and Totem Insight for the Day – the Snake

Today is about Snake Medicine and learning to balance it within our lives. So what does that mean to us as human? Well for today to speaks to making our way through the day by depending on all our senses and understanding that this movement is part of our human experience. To make sure we use our time wisely and not waste it on frivolous negativity. Things happen for a reason and it is up to each of us to decide how it impacts and imprints on our lives.

Snake Is a difficult teacher at times, and one that is not easy to master. Lessons that Snake brings with it are of life cycles and change, remembering as we grow we shed and transform into new energies and new experiences. Snake also teaches us about poison and that we need to be able to rid ourselves of the toxins can be placed within our Sacred Hoops. Don’t let the poisons kill us or dim our light that resides within. At times the poison and toxins can play games with our thoughts if we allow them to, so mastering what is real and what is illusion can often contribute to negativity and clouding of ones judgement. Make sure to take a breath, a beat… before stepping into a place of no return. Keep it all in perspective and balance. Once you can accomplish this, balance will return and be maintained.

Snake can be a hard teacher. His lessons involve a transmutation of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Snake symbolizes this cycle with the shedding of his skin. We learn to the whole energy of life, the cosmic consciousness and have the willingness to experience anything without resistance. It is also about the poisons that we might take in. Those poisons can be eaten or ingested in some way but they also may be integrated into our lives. The goal is to not let the poisons taint our body or spirit.

Since Snakes can shed they teach us about the levels of our human, of our spirituality, our experiences. It is time to seek our inner knowledge before moving ahead with decisions. It is time to coil and go within to make sure we are well prepared before we strike out.

Snake also reminds us as it makes its way across the Great Mother Earth, to ground ourselves, to use our energy wisely and not to rely on primal instincts of lashing out. For at times it is more empowering to hold back and use that knowledge that energy in wise ways. At other times it is best to strike and seize the moment with a precision and quickness. Snakes often retreat long before biting defensively because they sense that it may cause consequences/damage to others and drain you of healing energy.

Snake is also very old and powerful healing medicine. Once harnessed, Snake will help you to position yourself carefully so that you will trust your gut when making important decisions.



“I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”
Mitakuye O’yasin
~bear Medicinewalker


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Spiritual and Totem Insights for the Day – the Raven

Raven shows up today asking us if we are “Truly” listening to what our Souls are attempting to tell us? Are we “Honestly” hearing what our Ancestors are whispering and not having to go through the same lessons over and over again? We often ask for guidance, we ask for Divine Intervention, assistance but because we do not want to put the work in we need to, we dismiss the whispers of guidance. Yet we continue to ask hoping that eventually we will 1-get the response we want (even though it may not the response that is needed) or 2-we will somehow be able to justify our missteps in life. However we need to stop and ask ourselves if we are walking with our best of who we are or simply skipping through it all uncaring of what is truly happening in our world of our own Sacred Hoop.

So Raven is here today to tell us to step up into who we are meant to be… Step into doing the right thing… and let your Soul show its true self for others to see and inspire them to be their best as well. Honor the Sacred… Honor the true foundations of who we are meant to be.

Magical …Mystical.. slipping to time beyond time … Often I hear people say, where are the miracles, where is the magic, and I tell them it is but at your fingertips if you will but open your eyes! We need to remember that we all have abilities and they are all unique. yet with saying that we are all part of the puzzle and without us, life would not be complete. Remember that the next time you look into a mirror, or start to doubt what and who you are. Embrace yourselves in positives, and if you don’t..the Ravens will pop in and start squawking at yah until you do.
Raven is here to tell us that we are exactly where we need to be at the precise moment in time. We are also being shown things that are in and around our Sacred Hoops are reflecting back to us what we need to learn about ourselves in order to move in positive motion ahead on our paths.

Raven teaches us about rebirth, recovery, renew and recycling, self reflection and healing our inner spiritual. Shine our light into the dark as we transition in to the change we are facing. Open our thought process to help us understand that there needs to be balance between light and the dark … that one does not occur without the other. To know one is to know the other, to understand them is to balance self.

Raven teaches us to listen closer to the world of spirit, for they are guiding us forward, helping us to remember what is important, what is sacred. That our souls can not take the material with us as we move and transition through life, but rather that it is the intangible things that imprint on us and we imprint on others that are most important.

Allow that magic to spread to your soul and enlighten your spiritual.

“I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing the  culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”
Mitakuye O’yasin
~bear Medicinewalker

bear dec 2015

“Join Me as I continue the Sacred Hoop Project into this Year 2016…the year of Truths!”


“Cedar Moon” from Jeff Ball and available on I tunes and at http://www.jeffball.net/

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This card and the other Totem of the Day cards are part of the “Mitakuye O`yasin – We Are All Related” Spiritual deck that I have created


Spiritual and Totem Insights for the Day – the Turkey

The Turkey represents Family, nurturing and care for self and others. It is about abundance and strengthening bonds. They represent renewal and teach us to care for others and through that we will imprint and open new avenues for positive growth and opportunity. But once again we must learn to honor that process.

No matter what others are setting the tone for, we must learn to listen to our souls voice to achieve our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the higher good. This is not always an easy thing to do because we are always being pressured to move with the masses, be a sheep and follow the herd. We must learn to take risk and allow our own voices to be heard above the crowds at times. For there are times to sit, watch and listen in order to learn how to move forward…and there are times to stand up and shout purpose and positives so others may wake. Turkey also shares with us the lessons of living harmoniously with the Great Mother Earth and all that dwells on her surface. To assist in keeping the balance between it all.

Turkey also speaks to us of making sure we keep our ego in check and that although we should be proud of self, love self, there is no reason to flaunt what we are or have to others. Honor the sacrifices we make, honor the family we have…and be thankful for All that is Sacred! Embrace your families and your community because in doing so our Humanity is fed in positives.



bearMedicinewalker june 2016 II

I am bear Medicinewalker and I am dedicated to Educating and sharing the lessons, teachings and culture I have been taught by my Elders and journey with the World. It is not enough merely to learn the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”

“Join Me as I continue the Sacred Hoop Project into this Year 2017…the year of Atonement!”
Mitakuye O’yasin!


Music provided by Chris Ferree and available at http://www.chrisferree.com  as part of the Wolf and the bear Network @2017

Spiritual and Totem Insights for the Day – Eagle

Eagle a strong symbol of All that is Sacred, and reminder that we too can fly high and feel the breath of the Creator if we honor the process. We must understand that each and every act we do, each word we say, each look we make can move mountains or set up walls. We can be the strength that is needed to protect, the example needed to inspire or the calm that settles a storm. But we must honor the process. There is no easy button to push, no simple way to get things done for it all requires work in order to achieve the outcome we desire. So remember to feed the positives, weed out the negativity from your life and allow ourselves to be able to feel the Creators love upon each of us.

Eagle reminds us all that we need to care for our Spiritual needs. That the very part of who we are and walk as begins with our Spiritual side and how we connect to the Creator and all that is Sacred. Our soul’s Light, our energy, our very foundation is all about how we feed our soul. How and what we choose as we walk our paths will then mirror out to the world and invite the same to surround us.

We must remember the foundations of Humanity… Love, Respect, Wisdom, Humility, Truth, Honesty and Courage… in order to be strong and stand in a balanced and good way. We must overcome the blindness of society and the negatives they spin. This is what Eagle shares today… this is what he reminds us to do.

So today fly high and touch the face of Creator… stand in Integrity and Truths, and stand with All that is Sacred, all that Matters… with Love and Respect that we are meant to as Human.

Eagle speaks to us of our spiritual paths. I have been taught that the Eagle can fly to the heavens, that its wings can be touched by God Creator. When in it’s presence I feel the Grace of the Creator and All that is Sacred. The Eagle humbles me.

Teaching us to reflect and pause, to rejoice and reconnect to our spirits. To honor our paths, the ethics we have been taught. To Pray, to honor to live in a sacred manner. To listen to our Ancestors that have walked before us and in doing so listen to the wisdoms that have been shared so that we can walk more positive paths. Eagles the symbol of Courage and strength, to do … to walk… the right manner. To take that courage and step into what you re meant to step to in a positive way, and allowing our spirits to soar to the heights to share in God Creator’s extended grace.

Eagles with their sharp eyesight take us to the heights to observe situations in a manner that is more beneficial for us to make clear decisions. To become that visionary and push ourselves to discover and accept self, to accept truths, adapting , changing and growing along the way.

The medicine Eagle shares is, the ability to connect to the Divine, a power of God Creator. Being able to place one foot into the spirit realm and yet remain connected and balanced with Mother Earth.

So Honor your Spirit today and everyday by connecting with the Sacredness around you!


bearMedicinewalker june 2016 II

I am bear Medicinewalker and I am dedicated to Educating and sharing the lessons, teachings and culture I have been taught by my Elders and journey with the World. It is not enough merely to learn the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”

“Join Me as I continue the Sacred Hoop Project into this Year 2017…the year of Atonement!”
Mitakuye O’yasin!


Music provided by Chris Ferree and available at http://www.chrisferree.com  as part of the Wolf and the bear Network @2017

“I Ask You… If not now, when? If not me, who?”

If not now, when? If not me, who? To walk the path of the heart and of higher self is a great honor. Every human has the choice to walk this path, but very few will decide to make it. Why? Well, because you can’t act and behave like everyone else behaves. You must be the person who will learn to look within. You must be the person who will be fully accountable for yourself. You must be the person who prays and meditates. You must be the person who will sacrifice. You must decide to be a Peaceful Warrior. What will you decide today?

So why not be different? So why not make a path for people to follow? So why not emulate good things? You hear a calling, one that may draw attention, but attention for the good of all. As a Peacemaker, a communicator…as one who shares the knowledge of the old ways? Of the right ways… ways that remind and teach us how to treat each other as humans, to care for the Great Mother Earth as Sacred… to honor ourselves, our traditions, and to be thankful and filled with gratitude, to be a Champion of those less fortunate, to be that Peaceful Warrior…

Is that your path? Or has it occurred at moments in your life and you stood by and did not embrace what was to be? To assist someone in need because popular demand was to avoid it, to not draw attention to yourself? I say lets empower ourselves…lets be Brave and stand out…and one by one…person by person…we will all be part of a positive change… to a world that will be more joyful…more balanced… more human as we were meant to be.

So we step up, we teach by example, and wow children and people learn love, respect, hope and Faith. Imagine living like that. Imagine how you will stand out. People will think we are all crazy… why are they doing that for that person… why are they helping them? Why are they caring for the earth… ? the answer is Healing… we choose to walk as Healers, Lightworkers, Peace warriors, Leaders, as the Humans that we are meant to be no matter what popular opinion is at the moment.

Many of us walk in this world saying we are following a particular path…we are called to it, some times pulled to it kicking and screaming our protests, and no it is not always easy to do the right thing in every situation. Yet when someone says they are going to do something, or say that they are something…wouldn’t it be a good idea to act and be that person? We go to lawyers for legal work …we go to doctors for medical treatment and they treat us, we go to financial advisors to advice us…and we expect them all to do their jobs… So now it is time all of us that are hearing the calls of peaceful, gentleness, love, hope, Faith, compassion, to start spreading that information, those emotions, to empower ourselves and others in the process…in good and gentle ways as Peaceful Warriors.

Warriors of the Rainbow
There will be a time when the Great Mother Earth will be ravaged of it’s resources, the sea blackened, the streams poisoned, the Four Leggeds dropping dead in their tracks. Just before it was too late, the Indian would regain his spirit and teach the white man reverence for the Earth, banding together with him to become Warriors of the Rainbow.

There was a Grandmother, from the Cree tribe, named “Eyes of Fire”, who prophesied that one day, because of the humans greed, there would come a time, when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, and the trees would no longer be. Mankind as we know it will all but cease to exist.

There will come a time when the “keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs” would be needed to restore us to health. They will be mankind’s’ key to survival, they are the “Warriors of the Rainbow”. There will come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes will form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Creator. The “Warriors of the Rainbow” will spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth. They will teach them how to live the “Way of the Creator”. They will tell them of how the world today has turned away from the Creator and that is why our Earth is “Sick”.

The “Warriors of the Rainbow” will show the peoples that the Creator, is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make the Earth beautiful again. These Warriors will give the people principles or rules to follow to make their path right with the world. These principles would be those of the Ancient Tribes. The Warriors of the Rainbow will teach the people of the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding.
They will teach of Harmony among people in all four comers of the Earth.

Like the Ancient Tribes, they will teach the peoples how to pray to the Creator with love that flows like the beautiful mountain stream, and flows along the path to the ocean of life. Once again, they will be able to feel joy in solitude and in councils. They will be free of petty jealousies and love all mankind as their brothers, regardless of color, race or religion. They will feel happiness enter their hearts, and become as one with the entire human race.

Their hearts are pure and radiate warmth, understanding and respect for all mankind, Nature, and the Great Spirit. They will once again fill their minds, hearts, souls, and deeds with the purest of thoughts. They would seek the beauty of the Master of Life – the Creator! They will find strength and beauty in prayer and the solitudes of life.

Their children will once again be able to run free and enjoy the treasures of Nature and the Great Mother Earth. Free from the fears of toxins and destruction, wrought by the Yo-ne-gi and his practices of greed. The rivers will again run clear, the forests be abundant and beautiful, the animals and birds would be replenished. The powers of the plants and animals would again be respected and conservation of all that is beautiful would become a way of life. The poor, sick and needy will be cared for by their brothers and sisters of that walk the lands. These practices will once again become a part of our daily lives.

The leaders of the people will be chosen in the old way – not by their political party, or who could speak the loudest, boast the most, or by name calling or mud slinging, but by those whose actions spoke the loudest. Those who demonstrate their love, wisdom, and courage and those who showed that they could and did work for the good of all, will be chosen as the leaders or Chiefs.

They will be chosen by their “quality” and not the amount of money they had obtained. Like the thoughtful and devoted “Ancient Chiefs”, they will understand the people with love, and see that their young are educated with the love and wisdom of their surroundings. They will show them that miracles can be accomplished to heal this world of its ills, and restore it to health and beauty.

The tasks of these “Warriors of the Rainbow” are many and great. There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they will find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning “Mother Earth” to beauty and plenty – once more.

The day will come, it is not far away. The day that we shall see how we owe our very existence to the people of ALL tribes that have maintained their culture and heritage. Those that have kept the rituals, stories, legends, and myths alive. It will be with this knowledge, the knowledge that they have preserved, that we shall once again return to “harmony” with Nature, the Great Mother Earth, and mankind. It will be with this knowledge that we shall find our “Key to our Survival”.

~ “Eyes of Fire”
This is the story of the “Warriors of the Rainbow” and this is my reason for protecting culture, heritage, and knowledge of my ancestors. I know that the day “Eyes of Fire” spoke of – will come! I want my children and grandchildren to be prepared to accept this task. The task of being one of the……..”Warriors of the Rainbow.”

A Little bit of Prayer
Let us raise our intentions to our consciousness and voice by sending healing energies and prayer up this day… Today I pray for all those who ask, all those in need, all those who do not ask … I pray that we are given the strength, the joy and the love that is needed in our days…

I call to the sacred winds to carry my words to the Winged ones…the Four Leggeds…the Plant People…the Crystal Keepers, the Thunder Beings, the Angelic Realm…Mother Mary and Magdalene…my Brother Christ and all the nations that love us.

I thank you for all the many blessings that you have shared with us today and beyond and I ask that you hear our prayers whether spoken our held silently within our hearts.

Today I ask that you hear our prayers as we stand humbly before you, small and human.
Help us to remember we are all but a tiny part of a great universe, that we are all connected as one…

Bring us the strength we need to walk our paths without ego or judgment…
Allow our hearts to hear what our ears are missing
Teach us how to allow forgiveness for others and ourselves
Fill our being with the unconditional love that you so freely offer all.
I call that we be reminded we are all no better than or less than one another.

Guide us through our days, to help us with our humanness…that we learn to reconnect with others in a gentle and positive way. Offering smiles when they are needed without thought, shoulders or ears to help ease another…and words that will uplift or soothe.

Keep our children safe and strong in this troubled world… I ask that on this day and days to come…guidance is shared with our children to help them as they walk their paths. Help open their eyes so they can learn and see the right way of things, teach them to respect all life no matter how small, open their ears and minds so that they may understand things that are being taught to them in a good and gentle manner…open their hearts so that when the harshness of the world falls at their feet, they can cope and handle it with compassion and understanding.

I ask that today and all days ahead that we each learn to step up, to make a difference, to practice what we preach, to live in honor, gratitude and thankfulness. To be Warriors for peace… remembering faith and hope, honoring the sacred, to pray and talk with Creator and all the realms, to set about making positive differences in our own worlds and the world around us.

I thank all those who have walked with us and answer our calls…this day and in days to come…and honor you …AHO

So my wish to you all today is that each of you embrace the walks of peacefulness that we are meant to walk. To make a difference in your world, to not worry if it is a popular choice to stand up against bullies, or negativity… and where the shadows fall, send them light in form of prayer…hope… faith and promises of a better day to come if we start with one person at a time.

I send you all peace…today… and may the love that is in my heart reach and find you all today, and fill your life with blessings.


I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth.

Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…

Blessings to All,

~ bear Medicinewalker

Music provided by Chris Ferree and available at http://www.chrisferree.com  as part of the Wolf and the bear Network @2017

A Message from the Ancestors

In these days of unrest the things that the Ancestors, Creator God and “Spirit” share with me during prayer and meditation I often write down, but seldom share with many. The reason? Well the world throws enough at our houses as it is, and sometimes just sometimes we would rather not hear truths.

However for those of us that are Seers, Empaths, Healers, Prophets of the Modern World or Rainbow Warriors, the Truth very seldom escapes us. For it is what we are meant to see in order to do our work. Whether you agree or not, whether you think we are a little bat shit crazy, doesn’t matter for we are all walking a path that we signed up to walk long before we arrived on this planet.

I wrote awhile ago this is not a time for the meek, this is a time for us to stand and take power back for Humanity, for as humans we have so lost our way. It is a time for us to remember the strong foundations of Truth, Love, Respect, Courage, Humility and Wisdom… It is time fro us all to remember how once again to Pray and to find our compassion once again for each other. It is time for us to unite worldwide against the atrocities that are occurring against people of all nations.

Why should I some may ask? Why should it matter to me? Why should I bother? Why? Well the main reason is because the Demon is knocking at all of our doors. Greed, Power, Hate, Bigotry, Racism, War, Genocide and whatever other negative that humankind can come up with is staring us all in the face and we need to wake up and begin the atonement process in order to repair our souls. We need to begin to set the balance of right, of positive and of necessary.

The vision I am about to share I seriously had not looked at since I wrote it down, but for whatever reason it came to light again for me and I was woke in the night and told it needed to be shared. Not to scare people, but to tell people to WAKE UP. Stop complaining and begin by doing. Stop pointing fingers and start setting things to balance.  Now know that I am just as guilty as the next person can be, so it is a lesson truly for all of us…. So now I will share with you the Vision that was shared with me in December of 2016…

And they awoke me and said it is done… the seals have been broken and opened. We will now bear witness to what has been prophesized. The False One has shown his face many times over and stands undivided from the same as the Bloods spill upon the Earths surface. The tribes of all colors are facing off in attempts of power and greed.

Countries will fall as people starve and perish from thirst and disease… and it will continue as no one will be able to stop it, we will witness children lying in streets as if frozen in time. Brother against Brother, Sister against Sister… Family against Family.

The Great Mother will shake, shift, and erupt as we continue to desecrate her with ignorance and greed. Even Father Sky will burst to flames and we will bear witness to the showering of light from above as the day burns out unto endless nights. This is how it was shared to me, and I in turn now share with you.

So take time to pause making sure that in this time of unrest, we each put our best selves out there and let us stand United against the unbalance and begin to heal our world again. Let’s put a stop to history repeating the negatives and remember our Humanity.


I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth.

Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…

Blessings to All,

~ bear Medicinewalker

Music provided by Chris Ferree and available at http://www.chrisferree.com  as part of the Wolf and the bear Network @2017