Spiritual and Totem Insights for the Day the Scarob

Very Old Energies enter our day today as the Scarab shows itself from the deck this morning. It is about outside influences, old and unresolved issues that we are carrying with us that we need to release. With the fast approaching winter months ahead of us, it is time to let it go. Repair what is needed to repair, release what is no longer relevant in your life so that only positives will follow in to the period of the Winter’s Grace.

Time to step in when needed and to walk away from where you are not, there is no shame in this. This is a huge lesson for me as well today, one that I have been struggling with for awhile, but what we have to realize is that even though we may totally and unconditionally love someone, something, staying and enabling a situation, a cycle, a way of life, etc. is not always the best thing to do. We show more respect, honor and yes even Love by letting go. This will allow other things to grow also in a more positive way… open yourself and other situation and people up to experience something that will bring joy and balance in.

the Scarab
There are aspects of change that are being pushed at you that are not necessarily about you and what is right for you. Look at the situation from all angles and look towards a compromise that works for all involved. The main issue is more than likely something that is ongoing and/or unresolved with family or friends that will require you to be part of even though you are in the background of things. You will act as a grounding influence. Remove yourself from the drama but instill yourself where needed.

The Scarab also brings you information of positive outcomes in your life for situations that may be present at the moment,. Stand your ground and soon all will be resolved with a positive and higher purpose.

So today I call to the Sacred Winds to carry our prayers, our thoughts, our needs …to Creator God and the Ancestors
To help us to walk in more positive manners,
Reaching to Embrace the Unconditional and knowing that we all are no better than or less than one another.
To be able to have strength of character in order to release aspects of our lives in order to allow new things to be given birth and grow.
So it is Said…So May It be So

Blessings to All
~ bear Medicinewalker


Earth Dance from Chris Ferree and available at http://chrisferree.com/id18.html part of the Wolf and the bear Network and used with permission @2108


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