A Gift of Time

So many times we wonder how time has passed us so quickly, where have the years gone, the days… How has the day itself gotten away from us so fast? Next thing we know it is another day, another month, another year, this is a human condition we experience… called “Time.”

So today I would like to share an experience of “Time” that I recently had….

This past weekend of December 9th marked 9 years from my Mother’s passing. Hard to believe so much time has passed here in my reality. It was a quiet weekend spent with a dear friend who is a Sister to me, as we chatted and relaxed in what I describe as a quick moment from her otherwise hectic life.

While she was here her attention was drawn during the evening to a clock on my fireplace wall as she checked the time which according to the clock was 9:00 p.m. and I replied, “Oh no, that can’t be the time. It was my Mom’s clock and it never runs on time, for whatever reason it just never has since she passed… I simply have it there as part of her.” Yet as we both looked the time was accurate, a fact I thought was a little odd since even though I change the battery every 6 months for 9 years, it has never been accurate and it is a fact that people visiting my home have always witnessed. However on the anniversary of Mom’s death, it was running correctly. I just sort of smiled on the inside and never paid attention to it the rest of the day.

It is funny sometimes to think of how the littlest things can spark memories or smiles from our past. My Mind played over all the times my Mom would ask me to change the batteries in the old little clock… she would say it is running off again, to which I would reply, “But we just changed them last month.”

“I know” she would say “But won’t you just please change them again?” And of course I did grumbling to her the entire time that she should just simply purchase another clock. But of course that wouldn’t do when new batteries worked just the same, even though they did not. Yet it was Mom’s logic and I bowed to it begrudgingly.

And now I would pay to bow to it in any form if I could share but a moment with her here once again in the human. To hear her sharply scold me and then laugh… and me replying how much I love her even though she drives me crazy. Yup those are the moments that are sparked in my memories… all from a little clock that sets on my fireplace wall.

As the weekend ended, my “Sister” had to leave to travel back home… and as the dust settled the dog and I went to the living room to sit and relax back into our cycles. I was sitting on the couch as I glanced up at the clock on the wall and it was stopped at the exact time of my Mother’s death. Now mind you it had run all night and morning… but to stop at that precise time was as if she was reminding me she is always there and sending hugs of encouragement and love from a place that has no time…and yet all time.

So when you are in doubt, when you are in sadness or perhaps simply when you are remembering the past, understand that from a place we can only get a small glimpse of understanding from… we are loved, encouraged, and undoubtedly watched over. At least that is this old bear’s belief for it makes my heart smile.

Oh and in case you were wondering… yes the clock has began running again… but only in My Mothers Time!

Blessings to you all this day and beyond,

~ bear Medicinewalker

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  1. Thank You for this.. Blessings This Christmas to You and Yours !! For me this will be such a Sad time 🦋

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