Numbers…. Numbers, Numbers!
People have been asking me lately what the numbers mean… I keep seeing the same pattern of numbers. What does it truly meannnnnnnn?

Well they are all around us and at times we see them in what many refer to as an Angelic Sequence such as 111 or 11 – 11, 333, 444 and even 666 (which by the way does not mean what people think it means, simply has become representative of evil over the centuries, when truly it came about by how the Greeks associated numbers to letters. Anywho that is for another discussion)

So why do we see them… it is my theory that we see them because we need to see them, we need to be reminded or aware of something that has or is occurring in our life. It is Spirits way of bringing attention to the fact we have help if we ask for it. Whether it’s the Angels, our Loved Ones who have passed, our Guardians or Guides it may be different for us all, but make no mistake they are definitely sending you a message. We are seeing the sequence of numbers to remind us that we are loved and often to wake up to the answer that is often right in front of us.

There are many books out there that will give you insight into what each number may mean, but this only represents man’s perspective, we have no way of knowing for certain that it means such and such. So rather than wondering about the sequence whatever it may be, I encourage each of you to think what message am I missing… what message am I needing and most of all why am I seeing it now?

Numerology and Astrology from all cultures are based on numbers and sequences, lay lines etc., but the simple sequences folks have been asking about …. Well, pay attention to things and you will figure out the answers. After all, if it was there was an easy button to push all the time, what would we learn by that? How could we grow into our own human potential? So remember there is no one right answer… nor are there wrong answers, whatever it represents to each of us is what it represents.

So with that… I hold you all in prayer and May the Creator bless each and every one of you.

~ bear Medicinewalker

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2 Replies to “Numbers…Numbers…Numbers”

  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been seeing a lot of double number sequences – 33, 22, 44 and so forth. It has been occurring off and on now for about 3-4 weeks. Life has been full of events and happenings. Challenging times, but meeting them as best I can. Your posts are inspiring and very helpful so many thanks and blessings to you and yours.

    1. Will put prayer up for you to stay strong, to use the tough stuff to help propel you forward in positives to be surrounded be awesomeness! Sometimes the “best we can” is good enough and we need to remember that that is okay. Many Blessings ~ bear

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