Spiritual and Totem Insights for the Day – the Ant

So yeah with the down pouring of rain we have had here at the cave over the past few months, my “Leetle Friends” the Ants have had to race to high ground, and they have been actually heading indoors throughout my house here and there to say, “Hey it’s high and dry in the cave can we stay?” Sugar Ants… teeny tiny little buggers not in the kitchen, just exploring how to stay high and dry without having to build an Ark! And of course as a couple were running across my desktop this morning, what card popped out of the deck? Yup the Ant, must have had a point to make eh? Hahahahhaha!

Ants they are quite remarkable actually… some might say even inspiring I mean have you ever just sit outside in a space and watch the ants? they are amazing creatures that allow nothing to detour them from the task at hand. They weather storms, heat, drought, people running over the tops of their homes with weed whips, fire, people stepping on them, and the list could go on forever. and when something occurs they all step in and assist and carry on. Wow we could learn much from the Ant if we would simply understand the lessons they share. A creature so small, coming together and working, assisting each other, for the common good… and accomplishing the task against all sorts of diversity! What a freakin’ concept!

The Ant teaches us that all good things come in time as we walk life in positives, holding to our truths, convictions in order to manifest our dreams into realtime. They also share through example how teamwork and clear focus can get the job done. Look at how tiny they are, yet working diligently and with purpose they always manage how to overcome the obstacles that are often set on their paths.

They also talk to us about community and working together to build a better being. Community is important, so perhaps this card is shown today for the fact we all need to remember that we all impact life and community just by being. So our actions can speak volumes, so choose to think before moving ahead in order to walk in positives for the best outcome.

The Ant can move mountains when it chooses to do so. They always have the eye on the prize so to speak. This is how we must think at times to get things done., to push through things that are difficult and at times weigh us down. We must call on that inner strength, and just simply get it done. It doesn’t matter what others think about us, we do not need to answer to their expectations… we simply need to believe and have faith that the world around us will have our backs, remembering that we are all born with everything we need in life to survive and live, we just have to open to the possibility of it all.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

High Hopes – Frank Sinatra available on Itunes