Spiritual and Totem Insights for the Day – the Rabbit

Rabbit pops in today to remind us all not to miss out on what is happening around us today.. take time to slow your heart beat. Don’t let your shot for something positive to pass you by.

Rabbit reminds us all to remember we need to nurture our selves in order to allow our Spiritual growth to occur. It shares with us that we have all the tools needed inside of us if we just stop for a moment to collect ourselves and reach into that toolkit we all carry. By stopping for that moment and listening to that inner voice, it will give us a chance to strengthen our plans that are in motion, or review the ones we are contemplating.

Rabbit tells us not to be so quick to jump to conclusions, rather look at the larger picture and then move quickly as your instinct guides you rather than allowing fear to move you forward. Pursue your dreams, your goals with a little more adaptability, network with friends and family to help you get the results that are desired.

They also represent fertility, but of course it is up to us to make sure that that fertility shows up as positives such as creativeness, happiness, success and not negatives that we hold onto that eventually turn into fear, anger, bitterness, depression, illnesses.

Rabbit teaches that defending ourselves doesn’t always mean fighting back; it can also be accomplished by listening to what is happening in and around our Sacred Hoops and then using our intuition for the best possible outcome.

Rabbit has a short life so it also reminds us to take advantage of every waking moment for all life is Sacred. Don’t get stuck on the little things in life or life around you will pass by in a blink of an eye and you will have missed the journey.


I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth.

Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…


~ bear Medicinewalker

Music provided by Chris Ferree and available at http://www.chrisferree.com  as part of the Wolf and the bear Network @2017