Even Batman Needs a Break Now and Then…

So what does he do, cause we all can’t be on Super Hero mode all of the time? Well he steps into Bruce Wayne’s shoes to be human again … Even Superman has his Kryptonite and takes a break by walking in Clark Kent’s life. So now to the question at hand…why is it so hard for us as real humans to do the same, to remember to breathe, to stop to feed our souls even if just for a day or two? Because we forget, we get so caught up in the human condition of taking care of every one and every thing that we forget about our self.

Take off the Super Hero suit, you know we all have one… go ahead you might as well admit it… Whether it is a doctor, a lawyer, a shoemaker or an Indian Chief as the saying goes, or something like it… anyway take it off for the moment and just be you. So that is what I did yesterday… I took off my imaginary Super Hero suit, I stepped out into the world quietly just for me and me alone. No computers, no phone, no tv… just me and the world.

Living in a small town not everything we want or need is easily purchased so I decided to take a run downstate since I had yet to replace one of my aquariums that was leaking. I also had made up my mind to stop in Barnes and Nobles to touch and smell real books and magazines… you know the things that we used to get or borrow from the library before the age of computers. Nothing like holding the newest comic book, the latest Best Seller or even a familiar favorite novel in your hands and experiencing it like it was the first time. I was actually surprised by the number of people that were there since I haven’t been in one for a couple of years. It was pure nerdy bliss.

So my second stop was an aquarium/pet shop, you know the old school type, The kind that are in the family for generations and not set up like a fast food joint. Since I had been in the business in my younger years, I love to go into places that aren’t driven by counter set ups and endless rows of dog food bags, or aquariums that are stacked to the ceiling, there is something more real about them… they are all unique, old school.

I found what I was looking for and was speaking with the owner, I had walked around the store and it flooded my mind with good memories of all the creatures I had experienced so long ago. Together the owner and I found we had shared many business acquaintances and friends over the years. I listened as he told me who had sold their businesses, who had passed it to other family members, who had closed their doors and even who had passed away. He shook my hand as I started to leave, and for whatever reason he blurted out words telling me he was facing cancer again and asked me to keep him in my prayers. I told him I would and gave him a hug before I departed.

After making those two stops I was prepared to head home when I realized that I not eaten in my rush to leave in the morning so I decided to treat myself to a steak and salad and stopped in at Logan’s Roadhouse. I had a great meal, was not rushing anything, harassed and had fun with some fellow diners and wait staff, and had a nice discussion with the manager. When I was walking out, two very distinguished looking gentlemen were coming in. I had my batman sweatshirt on and one of them looked and said, “Look there is Bat Girl and she is holding the door open for us. Thank you so much.” He laughed a little and told me to have a great day. A laugh… a smile… what a difference it makes when we are in our best human suits eh?

I then settled in for the drive back home. As I drove it rained, sleeted, snowed and for about five minutes father Sky even gave me some sunlight. I saw hawks, deer, some interesting advertisements, and flocks of birds raced along side my truck. At one point as one of the flocks flew alongside me it was as if time stood still. The birds twisted and turned flying up and down all together in a single unit, working together to draft and catch the air current. My thought was wow how amazing is that? If only we could as humans do the same.

When my mind came back from thoughts I heard a song on the radio about life and how we need to remember we are experiencing it and I smiled at life’s synchronicities if we would let our guard down just a smidge and see what is being shared with us to help us move along on our paths.

I did what I needed to do, I revitalized myself, took time for that extra cuppa, talked and laughed with strangers, ate a good meal, imprinted on the world as just me, a little old bear. I enjoyed myself, I took off my cape for a day so I could face the next time it needs to go back on.

So that is my wish for you all today, to take some time out to hang up your capes, to become you again. To remember just how amazing life is, how it can be if we make ourselves understand we are all humans that have the opportunity to make choices that can positively impact our life and those around us. Yup, that is right …it is Choice whether we are walking in positives or stepping in the crap of negativity. Sometimes all it takes is a moment to hang your cape up for the day, go for it you are worth it.



I am bear Medicinewalker and I am dedicated to Educating and sharing the lessons, teachings and culture I have been taught by my Elders and journey with the World. It is not enough merely to learn the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”

“Join Me as I continue the Sacred Hoop Project throughout this Year 2017…the year of Atonement!”
Mitakuye O’yasin!

~ bear Medicinewalker


Music provided by Chris Ferree and available at http://www.chrisferree.com  as part of the Wolf and the bear Network @2017