Spiritual and Totem Insight for the Day December 16 2016 Jaguar/Black Panther

Today the Jaguar/Black Panther sets the tone for the upcoming days, showing us through example we need to step into our highest selves for the betterment of All Mankind. cautiously it snaps its tail back and forth, warning us to beware of not honoring, respecting and caring for the planet and all life that we interact with. It is time to wake up and remember we do not own the Great Mother Earth and the creatures and life that reside here with us, we merely are her by her good graces, as she allows us to use what she provides. We are all quick to judge pointing fingers at things that are negative, but seriously… how many of us have done anything to make things better?

It is time to embrace the mantle of care… for self, for others and for our planet. What we now stand and take for granted will soon no longer be available to us, for we will have allowed it to be destroyed due to our lack of nurturing and tending to what truly matters in life. We have set aside the Grandfather Teachings, lost languages, lost respect for self and others… allowed negatives to rule us. It is time to set the balance right so all can flourish, all can grow, all can heal and be well.

Jaguar/Black Panther bringing us lessons of Mystical capacities and represents the highest of Spiritual Sacredness. One that has been in place for ions and one that steps in to assist us ALL in the attempts to set balance with our human selves in positive ways.

Jaguar/Black Panther comes in to ease burdens of the negative side of our human nature. He will not tolerate poor behavior against humans, creatures, or the great Mother Earth, the Jaguar Medicine is very strong and very ancient. For those that walk with high integrity and honor the Sacred, he will bestow rewards of insights and old knowledge in order to assist us as we walk with positive steps.

Jaguar/Black Panther speaks to us of always walking in a way that is with highest intent for good, that we need to remember compassion, dignity, respect and gratitude, to walk strong with resolve, no matter what surrounds the outside of our Sacred Hoop. Mistakes can occur, but they are but lessons for us to learn and then with that knowledge help us to attain balance once again… remain humble. It shares Ying and Yang…and in understanding this that power is not aggressiveness, but rather the ability to control what kind of strength is needed in situations.

They teach us to hear the unheard, to listen with our soul to other dimensions; to life around us for it all has voice. It is here to teach and share knowledge of old, so remain open to it. It teaches us to walk under the dark of Grandmother Moon sensing the life and energy that flows and then balancing it with the light from Father Sun.

Balance and Own Your Own Power…



bearMedicinewalker june 2016 II

I am bear Medicinewalker and I am dedicated to Educating and sharing the lessons, teachings and culture I have been taught by my Elders and journey with the World. It is not enough merely to learn the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”

“Join Me as I continue the Sacred Hoop Project throughout this Year 2016…the year of Truths!”
Mitakuye O’yasin!

~ bear Medicinewalker

music provided by Chris Ferree and is available on ITunes and at http://www.chrisferree.com

**the image of Jaguar is from my Mitakuye O`yasin Deck and a teaching tool to assist us in connecting and understanding the world around us