A Visit from a Winged One, a Feather and the Gift of Spirit…with bear Medicinewalker

So I am guided to share a day in the life of bear with you all this day, in hopes that it will give you the Faith you may need to be open to the amazing possibilities that the Universe offers us if we are aware and awake to receive it.

As I walked out to the back of my home, the lake side to sort of take in one of the last days of fall, my senses were filled. Imagine in your minds eye, beautiful ducks of all sorts and colors stopped in here to refuel their migration trip, quacking and murmuring on the water, a slight breeze filled with the smells of a nearby campfire, and the warm the of Grandfather Sun on my face…. I hear a whoosh of air and rustling of branches and look above, there not 8 feet from me sits my beautiful Brother Eagle, looking down at me with a glance that reminds me to pay attention. He and I grace each others company for a short while and then he lifts his wings to take flight off to catch his evening meal. As he does so he glances down at me one last time and drops a feather. As it dances on the air down to my feet in front of me, I can feel the energy and power of that moment. Patience is rewarded, the work is known, the unconditional love is around us all. Blessed and humbled I went inside.

A little while later, pictures I had not seen in years, quite frankly I did not even know I had fell out of a box I was moving in order to reach a Christmas gift I had tucked away in a corner shelf. When I saw them they made me flash to a time of days long gone, they were of my Grandmother and Grandfather, my Mom with all her best friends that she grew up with, my Aunts not by blood but rather by bond. I smiled as I could hear their voices all laughing and felt warm hugs telling me they were all but a blink away, comfort given and received gratefully.

I needed to run out on an errand to the store for I had forgotten some things earlier in the day that I needed to make some soup my daughter had asked me to make for her when she came home to visit, so I headed out the door and began the short drive into town. As I did I passed a house in the neighborhood that is filled with kids and two sometimes three adult woman at a time. Their yard is filled with what they consider disposable life that recycles every month usually at least twice, this includes chairs, mattresses and couches. The kids range in age from diaper age to around twelve. The house is maybe 500 square feet and I am sure they are stacked like cord wood inside at night. I have only caught a glimpse at the inside and by most standards it is definitely a rough way to live. Men come on weekends and the kids come out running and hugging nothing but love to share. The women are loving but strict, keeping the kids in tow. The oldest children watch out for the smallest, and all for the most part are respectful. Is this an ideal way to live, probably not. It is a nomadic way of life for sure, yet the kids all are fed, kept warm and attend school. It is how they choose to live.

They have been here in the area for almost 2 years now. I have often thought of calling child services, but what would it change? They would move elsewhere and continue living the same way. Is it my way of life? No for sure wouldn’t choose it, but who am I to judge? It is called tolerance, and as I wrestled with the conversation in my head again, I could hear my Grandmother, Mom and Aunts say let it be, because they live differently does not mean it is wrong. Learn tolerance, thus a second blessing of the day.

As I was heading back home from my errand I decided to stop in at Tim Horton’s for a cappuccino, just felt like it. As I walked in to my right was two tables of elderly women all laughing and enjoying coffee and a small bite to eat. As I looked I could see all the strong women of my past standing and sitting with them, showing me they are all but a short distance away. Telling me they are never too far to assist me, support me, send me love. I became a little emotional but was told to share a message of love with them. I cleared my throat and walked over to the table. They all looked up, I smiled, excused myself and began telling them about the strong women in my life, that they reminded me of them and I was so glad to see them gathering and enjoying each others company. They laughed and told me they had known each other for years, the youngest being 78 and the oldest was 83 years young. I wished them well, blessings of the holiday and as I turned to leave two of them rose from their chairs and said wait… I think we need to give you a hug from the other side….

So, if you ever doubt that “Spirit” can see us, that they can effect and interact with us, if nothing else this is a lesson of the things that are possible if we are open to what the Universe and “Spirit” want to share with us all.

Many Blessings to you all, and with love from my heart to yours…

bear out….

bearMedicinewalker june 2016 II



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    1. Hello Sister of the heart,
      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and powerful story. I love when I get gifted days like this. We forget these things in our daily routines. You inspire my soul and are a blessing in my life.

      I am in MD with my girl hope to be a Grandma real soon. Also working on getting set up with my work here for next year. Let’s talk soon.
      Love you,

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