Accepting Change to Allow Healing

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When I sit and look back on my life, I can recall the many things I used to be able to do with ease. Things like running, biking, sports and now even the simple task of what many may take for granted… walking.

During this past year many people in and around my life have experienced physical setbacks. You know the tough situations that change the way you may think or do things from that point forward. So I thought I would share a little insight from an old bear this day, in hopes of sending some healing thoughts that will enable some to change their outlooks on life to a more healing pathway. If not… consider them ramblings of an old bear.

Okay so I now take a step back into time for a second to when I was thirteen years old. Wow seems like ions ago, anyhow it was at this time that my bones began their cranky and pushy way of telling me to slow down. My joints were showing signs of weakness and arthritis, my knees were a knocking and my ankles would give out at any given time with a mind of their own. So off to the Ortho I went. So it began my intimate and up close relationship with the medical field. And if some of you are not aware, let me tell you that pain is not your friend. Matter of fact it has a way of messing with your mind and can alter the way other people view you as well.

By the time I was eighteen I had already had multiple knee surgeries on both knees and had eight of my front teeth knocked out. (As a side note my dentist could tell I had arthritis by looking at my teeth and my fingers. The reason he stated was his own daughter had it as well.) From there I went on to fracture my low spine, get rear ended by a car and severe whiplash which has dominated my cervical spine for life, an ankle broken clean through as I attempted to hop a fence…(lol yeah did that one when I was 32 years old…) and the list goes on and on. So needless to say my bones and body have taken a lifelong beating. Then add to that a heart attack in 2006.

Now I am not sharing this all with you to feel sorry for me, quite the opposite… I am sharing it to let you know that you can get through it, you can help yourself to heal. However in order to allow it to happen you have to be able to accept change. Change in the fact you perhaps can not do something in the manner you used to, change in the fact you realize that you are not weak but rather physically challenged. Challenged to figure out a way to approach your life differently. After all that is one of the greatest gifts we are born with, a mind, a thought process and it is up to us to use it to its fullest potential.

The greatest example of this for me, my personal wake up call was when I worked at Children’s Hospital of Detroit. Kids, they push through it no matter what it is they face challenges head on. They inspired me, they would tell me not to be sad for them… so when I see people that are physically struggling with disease, physicality’s I view them as warriors. I see the accomplishments they strive to attain, or have already attained as amazing. They are living their lives.

When I got thrown the curveball with my physical, I went through the process that most go through. Frustration, sadness, depression and ego, until the day I decided okay I need to start living again. So I started to adapt how I approached and did things I used to do. I became grateful for all I had done that I couldn’t do anymore, for I had gotten the chance to experience it, and realized that is what we are here for… to live life, good, bad and indifferent. The key is how we choose to live it… in Negatives or in Positives.

So yup in the real world I had to learn to ask for help when I need it, I got used to the ground up close and personal because ultimately it will and does happen, I fall. Yet when I do, I get up and start again. Maybe a little slower than I used to, but none the less… I do get back up. I no longer can do the work I once did in the corporate world, but I keep busy. I do the work the Creator wants me to do, that “Spirit” encourages me to do with the help from the Ancestors and those that have walked before me.

And most importantly I “Live” perhaps not like others…but we are all uniquely different for a reason. After all, wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same?

Let us raise our intentions to our consciousness and voice by sending healing energies and prayer up this day…

I call to the sacred winds…to carry my words
To the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the North, the south, the east, the west, Above …below and within…

I call to the sacred winds to carry my words to the Winged ones…the Four Leggeds…the Plant People…the Crystal Keepers, the Thunder Beings, the Angelic Realm…Mother Mary and Magdalene…my Brother Christ and all the nations that love us.

I thank you for all the many blessings that you have shared with us today and beyond and I ask that you hear our prayers whether spoken our held silently within our hearts.

Today I ask that you hear our prayers as we stand humbly before you, small and human.
Help us to remember we are all but a tiny part of a great universe, that we are all connected as one…

Bring us the strength we need to walk our paths without ego or judgment…
Allow our hearts to hear what our ears are missing
Teach us how to allow forgiveness for others and ourselves
Fill our being with the unconditional love that you so freely offer all.
I call that we be reminded we are all no better than or less than one another.

Guide us through our days, to help us with our humanness…that we learn to reconnect with others in a gentle and positive way. Offering smiles when they are needed without thought, shoulders or ears to help ease another…and words that will uplift or soothe.

Keep our children safe and strong in this troubled world… I ask that on this day and days to come…guidance is shared with our children to help them as they walk their paths. Help open their eyes so they can learn and see the right way of things, teach them to respect all life no matter how small, open their ears and minds so that they may understand things that are being taught to them in a good and gentle manner…open their hearts so that when the harshness of the world falls at their feet, they can cope and handle it with compassion and understanding.

I ask that today and all days ahead, that we learn to accept the changes we are faced with in positives enabling us to move forward, looking behind us only as a way to inspire us to become the best we are able. To be open to the healings that the Universe has provided for us to meet whatever challenges we face. To allow ourselves to set ego aside and open to healing that are sent our way. And to expand our thoughts to adaptation and understanding that we can do anything we set our minds to do…

I thank all those who have walked with us and answer our calls…this day and in days to come…and honor you …AHO
So my wish to you all today is that you allow yourself to accept the changes needed to heal. However it is you need to heal… to remember we are here to live life, to expand our experiences and horizons… take the step today, and allow healing to occur. And if you have to reach for the inner child and tell them to give you a helping hand!

I send you all peace…today… and may the love that is in my heart reach and find you all and fill your life with blessings. Thanks for tuning in…hope you return next time here… on Morning Blessings.. have a great day!

bear out

bearMedicinewalker june 2016 II


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