Insights and Thoughts Given to this bear During Prayer


A short time ago someone verbally attacked the fact I had created crosses in my jewelry line, told me basically I disrespected them and my native roots and for what ever reason this came into my thoughts this day. As I sat during my morning prayers and thoughts I also thought of all the world religions. The conflicts that accompany them, mankind that try to control them and the people that follow them and the violence that has occurred in faith and Creator God’s name, in other words the “Man” in religion.

It is of my opinion that if someone connects to God Creator, a Higher Power by whatever name they label this connection with, if it is in positives if it is in following the basic teachings of Honesty, Truth, Love, Respect, Humility, Wisdom and Courage, or as I know them the Seven Grandfather Teachings… it is a good thing that is occurring.

In many cultures and societies, there are talismans and relics, symbols and ways to do so. Whether it is done with the assistance of a Cross or a Medicine Wheel has never made a difference to me. It is all about Faith, Faith in Self, Faith in the Higher power, I look to examples of Holy Men and Women of history, I look at the Visionaries, the Prophets and Peace Keepers and what do I see but the fact that all walked a path of Faith. They were often ridiculed, often made examples of in accordance to mankind’s perspective as they were often viewed as threats. For what was it they want? They are examples of free will and choice, of love and again the basic foundations that human kind should be following.
Greed and power is not what they sought, and this fact was present within all tribes, clans, societies and cultures. They nearly sought balance and love, love for all things Sacred… To help people find the same peace and balance, to appreciate the simple things in order to experience life in positives.

So for those of us that walk in the here and now while also stepping into the in between, life is at times a difficult path and yet it is what we have contracted to do. When experience all the negatives that the world can throw at us, we must remember to stand strong as our Ancestors did, we must allow the grace and dignity that has been bestowed to us to shine through. We must extend healing prayers, thoughts and insights to even more people like a small stone causing a ripple that goes wide on a pond or lake… no matter what place you are in or what color of skin you may have, what language you speak, or what label has been placed upon you… you need to remember we are here as Peace Keepers, Prophets of Positives and we must answer that call every moment of every day, we must stand and be that Rainbow Warrior of light and strength, honoring the Creator God, the Great Mother Earth and all that is Sacred.

For we all walk as one and we all walk with many Ancestors by our sides…and without us the world would be lost. Stay strong, stay in your Faith…and walk forward in knowing we do make a difference even if we touch but one persons soul this day.

Blessings to you all,
Mitakuye O’yasin

~ bear Medicinewalker

bearMedicinewalker june 2016 II

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  1. One more thing it is only there opinion…I Love you.Have a wonderful day much Love sent your way. Many Blessings to you.

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