Echoes of My Mother’s Voice…

echoes of Mom

As we go through our days, and people and activity rush by us, we sometimes loose perspective on what is important, what matters or better yet what should matter. It is often at those moments that I myself am taken back to some simple teachings that I have been shared by my own teachers, and it is part of how I walk.

My mother always loved them, and she actually at some point had a copy of them hanging on her kitchen wall. I remember as I grew up, always seeing that weathered piece of paper taped near the wall phone…and gently rubbing my fingers over it as I spoke to someone on the other end of that phone. (Yeah remember that…wall phones, the kind we used to stretch the chords out so far we would be sitting on the floor in a corner of the next room so our parents couldn’t hear us talking.)

Well although the walls have long since been abandoned, and the little paper with its tape marks longs since disappeared, the words that were written have been saved in my mind, my thoughts and with echoes of my Mothers voice reading them to me in my ears forever etching them on my soul…

What words are these you ask? Well they are as follows;

Treat the Great Mother Earth and all that share it with us Respectfully.

Keep Creator close to you and talk with him often.

Respect others, respect all life as Sacred.

Work together in order to benefit of all people no matter what race, where they call home, or what religion or gender they are.

Assist others with kindness wherever, whenever it is called for.

Follow your heart and do what is right, what is called for the highest good and outcome.

Remember to take care of self so that Mind, Body and Spiritual remain balanced.

Be truthful and honest with yourself and others always.

Stand up and take full responsibility for your choices, your actions.

And the most important of all is to love. Love Yourself, Love others and remember to tell yourself and others often.

…and after all the years that have passed, this is still a wonderful code to walk our lives with. It is still something to this day I tell people on the other end of the phone, always shared with Love.

So this is what I share with you all today… Live your life well, Laugh and share with the world your positive spirit, your soul’s song…
for we are here to walk the great human journey not alone, but together with all that is Sacred.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

bear medicinewalker2015

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