Sacred Sweetgrass…as Shared by bear Medicinewalker

Sacred Sweetgrass final

Sweetgrass….ahhhhh that glorious fresh scent that brings a multitude of memories to me instantly. It is the lustrous grass that my horses found one spring as soon as we let them into the pasture that contained it, we went to investigate and they almost had it all mowed down. We all laughed; for even the four leggeds understand how good it is.

It’s associated with the element of Air. The botanical name is Heirochloe odorata, currently growing mainly in the plains across the United States and on up into Canada. The plant can induce a soporific effect and have been used in meditation and shamanistic rituals with the belief that it has some mild psychotropic properties.

Native People believe that Sweet grass is the first plant that covered the Great Mother Earth. It is viewed as Sacred; we often use this plant for religious purposes such as making incense and calling spirits as well as to aid us during fasting. Drawing in positive vibrational energy along with purification it drives away the negative spirits and energies while the sweetness draws in the positive energies and spirits to assist us and guide us in the right ways.

When we use Sweetgrass for smudging drawing in positive energies it changes the energy of one’s space and being. Traditionally you will see the Sweetgrass twisted into braids and sometimes in smudge packages…I have braids in the rooms of my home and among my sacred objects. I often add clippings into my own smudge mixture with the White Sage, for it adds purification to the intention and space.

Sweetgrass can instantly change the energy surrounding one’s physical body and environment while improving our emotional state, bringing it to a renewed perspective. It draws the feelings of abundance and uplifts our spirits as it invades our senses. It also provides a positive energy to our auric fields and is useful as we perform energy work or healing practices.

Used when you need to balance or are in need of comfort, it will bring calmness and peace to your thoughts. I have found it to immediately give me a sense of empowerment, of clarity, and the ability to refocus my thoughts in order to gain a better perspective from a more positive place.

Here’s to all of you, Blessings for today and beyond

Mitakuye O’yasin,

~ bear Medicinewalker

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