January 22, 2016 Totem Card of the Day – Raven

card 36 Raven 1122
Today the Raven shows itself again reminding us to believe in the impossible, reach for what we feel is unattainable and we will see just what it is we are looking for, what we have been asking for as long as we are willing to accept it. The truth is before us, we simply have to be open to it. Raven rewards us with a like past the every day illusions that we create as humans… Raven will bring you the story we have not been open enough to understand and see in truths. Be strong, have Faith and remember within all things are lessons and positives.

Magical …Mystical.. slipping to time beyond time … Often I hear people say, where are the miracles, where is the magic, and I tell them it is but at your fingertips if you will but open your eyes! We need to remember that we all have abilities and they are all unique. yet with saying that we are all part of the puzzle and without us, life would not be complete. Remember that the next time you look into a mirror, or start to doubt what and who you are. Embrace yourselves in positives, and if you don’t..the Ravens will pop in and start squawking at yah until you do.

Raven is here to tell us that we are exactly where we need to be at the precise moment in time. We are also being shown things that are in and around our Sacred Hoops are reflecting back to us what we need to learn about ourselves in order to move in positive motion ahead on our paths.

Raven teaches us about rebirth, recovery, renew and recycling, self reflection and healing our inner spiritual. Shine our light into the dark as we transition in to the change we are facing. Open our thought process to help us understand that there needs to be balance between light and the dark … that one does not occur without the other. To know one is to know the other, to understand them is to balance self.

Raven teaches us to listen closer to the world of spirit, for they are guiding us forward, helping us to remember what is important, what is sacred. That our souls can not take the material with us as we move and transition through life, but rather that it is the intangible things that imprint on us and we imprint on others that are most important.

Allow that magic to spread to your soul and enlighten your spiritual.

“I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing the Native culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”
Mitakuye O’yasin
~bear Medicinewalker

bear dec 2015

“Join Me as I continue the Sacred Hoop Project into this Year 2016…the year of Truths!”


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This card and the other Totem of the Day cards are part of the “Mitakuye O`yasin – We Are All Related” Spiritual deck that I have created and is available at http://bearmedicinewalker.com/mitakuye-oyasin-spiritual-oracle-deck/


2 Replies to “January 22, 2016 Totem Card of the Day – Raven”

  1. Dear Bear:
    Raven has hit the nail on the head. I am indeed reaching for the impossible and untainable and trying to turn it into a reality. It is a race against time, trying to fill my brain with the most up-to-date accounting procedures. Tomorrow will be the purchase of an accounting software manual, to learn how to use it in the hopes it will open professional doors that have remained closed for the past two years.

    My meeting with a government employee hasn’t resulted in success, so I am once again alone to deal with my situation. I hope Raven keeps pecking at me so as to motivate me further.

    Wado for this blog. It was exactly what I needed.

    Wishing you and yours blessings and hope you all have a great week-end. I am still praying and thinking about your new neighbour with the broken legs. I hope that she is healing well. Please give her my best regards and tell her that I send prayers her way.

    Best regards to you. Aho.

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