January 21 2016 Totem Card of the Day – Medicine Bag

Medicine Bag
Today a card from the new sub-deck turns up the “Medicine Bag” reminding us to hold Sacred who we are and not to give our power away. It is about honoring the sacred within each of us, knowing that it is the right thing to do to take care of self first. To honor and be thankful to the Ancestors… to Creator God… to become who we are meant to be by allowing ourselves to heal and balance our own Sacred Hoops.

We are brought up in a society that we are told to put ourselves last, but this should not be the case in all matters… for we must learn to stand on our own, be strong in the person we are to become, allow our own Souls to Dance in their own light and energy. For to allow others to step in and steal that energy, hinders us from being us, from being the beautiful people that we are meant to be as individuals. When we accept that, honor that, walk that… then and only then can we truly assist others.

So today is about honoring your own medicine, your own personal power to balance your OWN hoops and lives… remembering it is okay to put ourselves first!

A Medicine Bag ( also called a Medicine Pouch) is traditionally a small pouch filled with talismans such as stones, herbs, found objects, personal memorabilia and its purpose is protection, to remind us of our human and All that is Sacred and to assist us in healing and keeping our Sacred Hoops in balance. Native Americans have carried these bags for centuries, but in recent years, they’ve also become popular in our modern day culture but most are unaware of the intent/purpose of them.

Traditionally a medicine bag or bundle contains something from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms and from the life of a person. Meant to be kept close to your person so that the spiritual power surrounds you and becomes one with your energy. In a sense it becomes one with who you are. What goes onto the bag is your personal medicine, things you draw “power” from that will aid you as you walk your paths. If you receive one as a gift, the maker or person gifting it should add something of their own to help you on your journey.

Understand that a traditional Medicine Pouch is Sacred. The bag should not be opened by anyone else. It is up to the individual whose bag it is if they choose to take items out in order to share with others the story behind them, or to use them for healing purposes. Each item is considered Sacred and is meant to assist its owner with power and spirituality while they walk the Human. Allowing others to access the bag and it’s contents, ‘steals’ the power and lessons its intent for the owner.



“I am Dedicated to Educating and sharing the Native culture with the World. It is not enough merely to teach the ways of our Elders. We must honor those traditions by sharing and educating the World. Inspiring others …Inspiring our Youth. Through the Music… the Arts…the stories…”
Mitakuye O’yasin
~bear Medicinewalker

bear dec 2015

“Join Me as I continue the Sacred Hoop Project into this Year 2016…the year of Truths!”


“Pathways” from Pathway to Destiny: Songs of Healing and Contemplation by Louie Gonnie. Available at http://canyonrecords.com/shop/



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This card and the other Totem of the Day cards are part of the “Mitakuye O`yasin – We Are All Related” Spiritual deck that I have created and is available at http://bearmedicinewalker.com/mitakuye-oyasin-spiritual-oracle-deck/



2 Replies to “January 21 2016 Totem Card of the Day – Medicine Bag”

  1. Dear Bear:

    Not giving my power away and putting myself first in certain circumstances are two important and painful lessons I have had to learn during my life. I have allowed people in my life to treat me like a second and third class citizen. I believe it had to do with the fact that I was born an introvert. They became convinced that since I was so quiet, they could have the upper hand and followed through. Back when I did not know what introversion was, I feared answering back and taking my rightful place in the world, as I had been taught that a “good girl” doesn’t talk back and is always pleasant and courteous.

    I learned to put myself first after spending years taking care of my elderly mother who died of Alzheimer’s in 2001. It took me a long time to understand that if I didn’t take the time to care for myself, that I would deplete my energy and be useless to myself and others. I found out first hand what being codependent was at the hands of family members and had to learn to ‘take my power back’. I am also trying to take my power back from an anonymous cyber-predator on LinkedIn. That is why I am avoiding commenting and liking on LI for the time being. I am trying to get it through his head that his haunting my profile is disrespectful and that I wish for his negative actions to stop. I hope he will get the message and stay out of my life. I need peace of mind right now.

    Unfortunately, I learned these important lessons very late in life, and am once again picking up the pieces of my life as best I can.

    Wado for today’s blog, as it resonates with me. Blessings to you and yours. Aho.

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