November 16 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Cow

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Today as Monday unfolds we need to look and be aware of all that is around us, so that we can nurture what is inside of us. The outside chaos can settle in and become part of us quicker than a blink of an eye… but how we process and choose how it may affect us is totally up to us. Outside influence can be totally out of our immediate control, but how and when we respond is not. So respond with gentle kindness to your souls, add prayer and thoughtfulness. Prayer is a powerful thing as many can attest to…but it is about the power and strength in numbers. Heal thy selves, strengthen ourselves, make ourselves aware of where and how we step on our paths.

Understand we can not cure disease in a day, we can not build houses in a day, we can not bring peace in a day. However we can begin the process to heal, begin to solve, imprint the idea, start with one person, one part, one thought, one prayer… a moment that can ignite change that begins at our doorway, from our souls.

With that said we look as Cow steps into the day to teach us about nurturing, self growth and awareness. They share with us their own life force in order to assist us in the highest good. They teach us about patience, nourishment, abundance, the fertility of ideas and the birth of goals and dreams. The Cow shares with us to be calm with our young, to stay grounded, help in providing what is needed in the moment without thought and beginnings.

Cow also tells us to stand our ground when we need to but be firm yet gentle in the process. Take a look at our life and see if perhaps we are being as productive as we should, or perhaps are we being too being stubborn about an issue.

Understand and work with the mundane aspects of the relationships we have in our Sacred Hoops and understand that sometimes we need the mundane, the normal routine in order to enjoy or be able to work through what is not.

Cows are said to possess the magic of the moon, Pay close attention to what is being shared. Trust your instincts; they will alert you to danger or safety of the situations we face.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker


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