November 12, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Owl

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Today Owl tells us that we need to hone into our own acute awareness of life beyond what it appears at first glance. It is all about tuning in to what is important to understand and see. Upon first glance we can miss things that are important, little nuances that can be game changers, or tell a completely different story. So in a way today isn’t about he said- she said…. it’s about the important truths in the middle.

So go sit in a spot and observe what is really going on and cut through the illusions. Owl is a very strong allies to all of us of we allow them to share the gifts they possess, representing spiritual balance between Light and Dark. They are Messengers, so we need to be open to what they have to say and teach for they have flown a long way to deliver the Ancestors words.

Owl brings both Magical and Spiritual with it’s presence. Always Sacred to me, and to be revered by all. It shares with us the Great Mystery and all that is to be understood in life as we walk the human path. Teaching us to be open and see with wonderment the life that is around us, interacting with us, sharing with us, part of us even in the smallest of ways. In return showing us how we can impact it all in return. To keep our eyes open in even in what we may perceive as dark times, for that glimmer of hope and light to shine through.

Remember to fly beyond and look at the larger picture so better to plan ahead how to approach situations, people or the journey itself. It teaches us to use our intuition and deep connections with wisdom that has been seeded deep within our souls.

If he has showed up in your life today… perhaps you need to look closer for the hidden truths.

Mitakuye O`yasin
bear Medicinewalker





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2 Replies to “November 12, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Owl”

  1. I just love the music you have on your website. It is helping in these times of chaos to remember who I am.
    Thank you,
    My great grandfather was a Cherokee medicine man. 🙂

    1. The chaos is here to remind us to return to the core of who we need to be as human. To have strong family values and ties. family meaning those who align with our Sacred Hoops. To remember we are all connected within the great web of life, and our energy imprints and impacts all life around us, so make what we send out in positives. To do so will affect the next 7 generations… I am honored you have stopped here and have connected.

      Wado… ~ bear

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