a Medicine Wheel Teaching… Autumn the Time of Frost as shared by bear Medicinewalker

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Autumn the Time of Frost…the time to let go of things that no longer serve us, and plant the seeds that will lie under the Winter’s Grace to be nurtured and brought forth in new more positive growth in the springtime! This is the time we may be filled with new and creative energies and ideas. But it takes special understanding and care to keep that flow moving in a forward and positive direction. Thus sometimes it is often better to seed the ideas and work on them slowly to bring them about into fruition. For often timing is key to all things.

We must find the patience to do just that as we walk these days. So much is out there ready to grab our attention and often direct us to negative response. at this time we often may find ourselves looking for reasons of why, how, when and delve deeper into life’s mysteries themselves. It is a time for most to draw power and energy from so that we can manifest what we need for the future. We are all important and our needs are none the less than another’s.

Frost time is a reminder of the human sleep of death, transformation and rebirth. It is about the souls journey that continues on into the next step, the next mile.the next part of the journey. Whether here in the human …or beyond the veil in the lands of the “Spirit” Walking from Frost time we learn of that very rebirth and renewal… as water goes from ice to water once again once it is warmed and then renewing itself again over night.

Take time to embrace the smell of the westerly winds that bring with them the element of continued change and ritual. Watch as the Tall Ones shed their leaves and prepare for sleep and rest during time of hibernation. Look up to the Star People as they fill the night sky and show us the future that can be lived in positives. Draw the energy as you need it, for the Ancestors are watching and listening to our needs and are there to assist us in attaining them. They Love us, they sacrificed and lived before us in order for us to have better and more balanced lives. We need to Honor that as we move forward.

So as you head through this Autumn, this Time of Frost be conscious of what you are seeding beneath and within you, for when Spring arrives you want your Soul to reflect the newness of Spring… the positives of who you truly are, leaving the old to be recycled and renewed.

Many Blessings,

Mitakuye O`yasin…

~ bear Medicinewalker




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