Card of the Day November 4, 2015 Two For One – Leopard and Rabbit

Card of the Day Nov 4

Well this morning the deck once again took on a mind of its own… or shall I say “Spirit” LOL! Well the Leopard and the Rabbit literally jumped out of the deck just before I began to count the Sacred Seven. So how does that relate to our day?  Well we need to face our Fears with courage and understanding, so we can allow the healing to actually begin, to move froward. We need to remember to take care of ourselves, make each moment count. Don’t wait for someone to call you to repair misunderstandings, take the initiative and do it yourself. That doesn’t mean you are weak, it just means you are inciting positive change. Don’t wait for someone else to clean up your messes… take the broom and do it yourself. WE all have the ability and are capable of it, just that sometimes we get lazy about it.

If we do the work instead of hiding from it, instead of waiting for others to step in…we will learn the lessons that are right in front of us. WE ARE STRONG ENOUGH…. WE HAVE FAITH… WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH… WE ARE WORTHY OF…

SOoooooo embrace yourselves in the imperfect and revel in the fact that as you embrace the imperfect you are setting balance to your own Sacred Hoops!

card 15 Leopard 1122
Leopard Steps in to tell us that it is time to allow the healing to move forward and occur, we are entering a time of rebirth, so open yourself to embracing it and allowing us to be moved ahead from the shadows to the light. We all have the capabilities to take care of ourselves, for we were born with them, physical, mental, psychic, emotional and spiritual. It is time for us to now do the work with those gifts we were bestowed with to bring about balance within our Sacred Hoops.

Leopard says it is time to accept who you are, your own spots so to speak, and use them all to your advantage. Utilize your strengths rather than your weaknesses or bad habits. Belief, faith and confidence of self will lead you to where you need to be, where you are supposed to be at the exact right moment.

Remember to work out things for all outcomes so that you like the leopard can change direction on a dime. Reach in and align the energy around you into stability and balance. To walk with the Leopard is to walk in the highest of spiritual and honorable way. It is about freedom of self and ego, time to tap in to our own psychic abilities, solve our problems with clarity and positives, and remember to shift into what is needed to move on the paths you are meant to travel for the highest good.

card 50 Rabbit
Rabbit reminds us all to remember we need to nurture our selves in order to allow our Spiritual growth to occur. It shares with us that we have all the tools needed inside of us if we just stop for a moment to collect ourselves and reach into that toolkit we all carry. By stopping for that moment and listening to that inner voice, it will give us a chance to strengthen our plans that are in motion, or review the ones we are contemplating.

Rabbit tells us not to be so quick to jump to conclusions, rather look at the larger picture and then move quickly as your instinct guides you rather than allowing fear to move you forward. Pursue your dreams, your goals with a little more adaptability, network with friends and family to help you get the results that are desired.

They also represent fertility, but of course it is up to us to make sure that that fertility shows up as positives such as creativeness, happiness, success and not negatives that we hold onto that eventually turn into fear, anger, bitterness, depression, illnesses.

Rabbit teaches that defending ourselves doesn’t always mean fighting back; it can also be accomplished by listening to what is happening in and around our Sacred Hoops and then using our intuition for the best possible outcome.

Rabbit has a short life so it also reminds us to take advantage of every waking moment for all life is Sacred. Don’t get stuck on the little things in life or life around you will pass by in a blink of an eye and you will have missed the journey.

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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