October29, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – White Buffalo

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Today the White Buffalo speaks to us again for it is important to remember the rituals of our day. To honor the Sacred that is within and around our Sacred Hoops! If we would simply stop and take a moment to breathe, we would see that many have forgotten the simple, the basic, the ritual and ceremony we should be doing each day as we walk the human. The Seven Grandfather Teachings, “Courage, Wisdom, Respect, Love, Honesty, Truth and Humility” as our guide to how we are to walk our paths as our foundations of who we are. Our connection from the present to our past when these values were a way of life, as they should continue to be today.

It does not matter what culture you are from, what job you hold, it does not matter that you have riches or are poor, what matters is how we all choose to walk, be, share and connect with one another in positives, honoring each soul’s light. So today, be the best person you can be, let your soul’s light shine with goodness and the unconditional that we are born to share. Make a positive imprint on your world the world that revolves around each of us.

White Buffalo shares with us that it is time to honor all that is sacred in and around us. It is about the power of Prayer. It is time to feed our souls, our spirituality. That in order to allow abundance into our lives we must walk the Sacred Path, but also be open to the fact that all life, all that has been shared with us no matter how small …how large, is Sacred.

The White Buffalo is connected to the teachings of the original people, the things that often are forgotten by us in this modern day world that is filled with material and greed. The White Buffalo warns us and gently nudges to remind us that we must not forget to be grateful, thankful, and take care of our Sacred Hoops.

To talk to the Universe and God Creator often, to share with others the simple positive things such as prayer, ritual, ceremony, traditions. To slow down so that we do not forget the lessons of old and where it is we come from. When we honor that process we will assist in manifesting our dreams, our goals in a more positive light. White buffalo will help to keep us grounded and on the right walk, allowing us to realize that when we are walking correctly the path is much easier to move upon.

Honor Self, Honor Creator, Honor All Life as Sacred.

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker








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