October 26, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Dove

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Today revel in the Divine Soul that you are and let your light shine for the World to see! Today is about allowing your Spirit to shine, to sing, to dance, to be no matter what steps on the path in front of you. have Faith in who you are, who you will become as you walk this continued journey of Human. It is not time to sit idle and hide in shadow, it is time to rejoice in the unique individual that you are. The individual that the Creator, the Ancestors and all those that have walked with and before love, guide and care for unconditionally as we continue our walks here on the Great Mother earth.

As we walk our Human we often are faced with troubling things, troubling times…but we need to restore our Faith that all things are for reason, and that Creator has not forgotten us, but is there with the aid of those before us…guiding us and helping us to transition through the negatives that life throws our way and helps us to become stronger because of it. It is easier at times to feed our fears and insecurities during the trying times we live in. A place in time that there is so many negatives that seem to be growing and taking root among people of all cultures and creeds. But we must hold fast for we are the change, we will overcome, we will make differences…even if it takes us one moment at a time. How you ask? Because Faith in the Creator, in ourselves, in each other will help us get there!

Dove teaches us when it is time to soar to new heights by using the element of air, “the wind beneath your wings”. That we must trust in the Universe, in Creator God for they are there supporting us, assisting us, but they will not choose or do the work for us. That nothing will prevent us from attaining our goals except ourselves. So we need to Trust and have Faith in all that is Sacred has purpose, has reason.

Dove reminds us to stop and breathe in the 7 Sacred breathes, letting go of the inner storms that are stirring and tap into the inner peace that can be found deep in our very souls. That what we are seeing is the chaos of the storm, and that after the storm is calm and beauty, for what we are seeking to attain is attainable and will be if we stay strong and show patience with the situation. They also represent peaceful resolutions can be found. They also represent travel time is approaching, perhaps in meditative state or in a physical sense.

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker




“My Man, Rejoice Every Day” from Renewed Spirit by Cheevers Toppah. Released: 2011.  Available at http://www.canyonrecords.com

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  1. Everything about this message is wonderful and supportive of my path today and always. Thank you I am grateful.

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