October 23, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – the Elemental Fire


Today I add the sub deck to the main Mitakuye O`yasin Totem deck for it is important to understand that sometimes lessons come from other sources. When added to the shuffle this morning, as Father Sun rises in the morning sky to the East, the Elemental ‘Fire” came in to play. Boldly saying it is time for me to show myself to the World!

Fire is all about passion, drive, creation and motivation that steps out in our lives. The Elemental Fire ignites within us sheer will and determination to get the job done. It not only represents our own souls light but is about the Divine Fire that is within each of us. Fire has a place both here in the physical Earth plane and secondly in the spiritual one. Fire is powerful and needs to be understood when using it, both physically and spiritually.

The Elemental of Fire can assist you with standing in your own power. It will assist you in manifestation as you move froward in positives to your goals. It requires us to tend and feed it as flame begins to dwindle. We need to use caution with Fire as it can consume us, yet it has balance and can also share light and heat. It shines and dances leaping into the air bringing light to the darkness, and thus balance. It sings out for us to dance, listen to the drum of our own heartbeats, and share in the magic that Fire brings about.

Today is about following your instincts, channeling the inner fire to get the job done. Fire ignites the extreme within us to trust that ancient wisdom that is in our genetic DNA urging us to listen to the little voice within, stop second guessing yourself and get done what is needed. For at the end of the day, there will be much to show for having done just that. Allow it to not only inspire you, but those around you! Just remember when it is evident in your life, the Elemental Fire needs to have balance and work with what is around the Sacred Hoop in a positive manner.

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker





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    1. I am excited about the second part of this deck…it is time and the connection to Spirit to connect with it was very strong!
      Blessings ~ bear

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