a Story of the Plant People…as shared by bear Medicinewalker

story of the plant people

The Ancestors speak of a time when all of Creation spoke the same language. The Plant People were able to communicate with the Swimmers, the Four-Leggeds could speak with the Tree People, the Stone and Crystal People could speak with the Wind. Even us Two-legged humans were able to speak with the other Sacred Life that was shared here on the Great Mother Earth. It was a time that all existed in balance. The Plant People, the creatures that lived peacefully among each other, the Elementals all understood that were the humans to survive all would have to help them to exist.

The Animals gave of themselves freely, so that the humans could have food, clothing and shelter. They knew that their skins were much better suited to survival than that of the humans. The Swimmers, The Winged Ones, the Creepers also gave of themselves to ensure that the humans would survive.

The Plant People, the Tree People, and the Stone and Crystal People also shared themselves in order that the humans had what they needed to exist and flourish. But in order to do so a balance needed to occur and so an agreement was made with the Humans would have to ask permission for these gifts, give thanks for the sacrifice, and take no more than what was needed. And so it was, and life was good.

But soon Humans grew in population and began to feel superior over the rest of creation. They began thinking that the Great circle of Life revolved around them, that they were better than everything else around them, ignoring the simple truth that they were just one small part of the Great Circle. The Humans began killing without asking permission taking more than what was needed. They stopped honoring and giving thanks for what was taken. The agreement that was made… was broken.

So the Councils of All Life, except that of the humans, gathered together to determine what they should do to restore the balance that was required. They had to protect themselves from the humans ignorance and disregard, or they would cease to exist. So it came to pass and decision was made by the entire Council that if one of their own was killed by the humans and gratitude and prayer was not offered for the sacrifice, the Councils would gather and choose an affliction and bring disease upon the disrespectful human.

The Plant People felt sorry for the humans and spoke out to the Council, “They disrespect us as well. They dig us up, step on us, set fire to us and refuse to listen when we try to share knowledge with them. Yet, we feel compassion towards the humans. They do not understand their place in the Great Circle of Life and will not be able to learn if he is wiped out by disease. They need our help, so for every disease the Council sends to them, the Plant People will offer them a cure. All the humans have to do is “Listen” when we talk to them.

This is how it was said to be, and this is how it is…if we but open ourselves to the agreement that was made so long ago… honor the Sacred of All…thus bringing balance back to the Great Mother Earth

Mitakuye O’yasin,

~ bear Medicinewalker



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