October 22, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Polar Bear

card 51 Polar Bear

So today we will need to be like the Polar Bear teaches us, dive into the waters, maneuver the waves and ice flows and adapt to life around us. The air is filled with changes and everything frustrating that life can throw at us today, but that is okay because we have what it takes to breathe deep and roll with it all. We simply have to be aware that not everything is cooperative 100% if the time, and sometimes we are tested to make us stronger, smarter and wiser as to how to handle different things that may happen in our day to day lives. We can do this… we have got this…

The Polar Bear shares that it is time to dig deep within your self and balance your Sacred Hoop. Discard what is no longer needed so that you may move ahead on your path in a positive way. Polar Bears are all about the Winter which relates to nurturing self, taking time to feed your soul and examine what is needed for us to take steps forward to survive and flourish in a healthy manner.

Polar Bear steps in to show us all how strong we can be as we face life’s challenges that are thrown at us from time to time. It is time to stand up and show that strength in the dark corners of our life and take ownership of the light that needs to shine from within. Helping to guide us between our human walk and our connections to spirit.

Polar Bear tells us to clean out our dens of unwanted and unneeded energies that are no longer healthy for us. creating for us in that process a renewal of Spirit and thought and putting us back to balancing our Sacred Hoops. We need to remember we are responsible for self and are the only ones that can set ourselves to that place of balance and positives. In a sense we are the masters of our own Universe… so own that …empower yourself …. and love yourself… if we can understand and attain that we will allow other positives into our life with that alignment.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker








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