October 20, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Red Tail Hawk

card 47b redtail hawk 1122

Today as the Hawk settles in to give us some fresh perspective, he speaks to me of allowing the time needed to heal. we have done the work. We have ripped out the negatives. It has begun to heal. So now we have to have patience and let it do just that, heal. Stop picking at the scab and reopening it, allowing negative to seep back in. Trust in the Creator, Trust in Self, for we were guided to be here doing what is needed to move in positives. This is the Fall season, the Time of the Frost and in order to move in positives we must remember that we are in the process of seeding, so those seeds can begin to be part of the earth and allowing themselves to be nurtured under the Winter’s grace so become what it is meant to be when Spring brings with it the awakening once again.

So breathe, take in the moment and have Faith that all is as it needs to be, we simply have to allow our eyes, our minds to see the bigger picture and the positives that will be as we move through the healings.

Red Tail Hawk shows up to help us understand the meaning in ordinary experiences if open and become aware of our surroundings. The Red Tail Hawk is awakening our souls so that we may begin the journey of our spirituality, preparing us for those Life Lessons that will soon show up.

Red Tail Hawks are messengers of the between, sharing insights and knowledge extended to us from the Ancestors and the world of Spirit. They speak to us of looking from a different vantage point and thus giving us a broader view of any given situation, helping us to not only be aware that a message awaits us, but also helping us to understand those messages.

Red Tailed Hawks are sacred and as they enter our presence, we must honor them by opening our minds and keeping them sharp while we look for wisdom and answers as we walk the human.

The Red Tailed Hawk’s red tail feathers distinguish it from other hawks, and remember that it does not receive their red feathers until at a later point in life after it has matured and experienced life around it. These feathers must be earned. The color Red represents Power and Energy that will lie dormant until it is awakened by our Souls as they walk and journey life and honor its own Sacred Hoop.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker





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