October 19, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Gull

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“There must be a pony there somewhere”… is something my Grandfather told me often as I grew up, and I would look at him and say in my 7 year old voice, “I don’t get it, I do not see any ponies Grandpa.” He then looked back at me and told me about how even though manure smells bad it can be used as fertilizer and help things to grow. It means even in the not so pleasant things in life, we can find the good under it all. That is what the day brings with it today! Look through the outer layers of things, dig a little deeper to see true meanings, true potentials and the true beauty of life that we share. Listen to the call of the Gull and what it teaches us!

The Gull is an amazing bird that most disregard as having purpose. Yet to understand the Gull is to respect and appreciate the bird as quite impressive. The Gull teaches us survival mode, which some situations may require us to deal with even in bad conditions or unpleasant ones in order to reach our true goals, our true dreams.

Gulls teach us to pay attention to Nature, and alert us to brewing storms that may be entering our lives. They are warriors sent by the Creator to cleanse negativity away allowing the positives to return and balance.

Gull talks about communication and how it is important to sometimes open those lines of communication in responsible ways. They also teach us to look deep at the magical world around us, for all we need is at our fingertips or deep within our souls to be able to move through in positives on our human walk.

Working with both the elementals of Earth, Air and Water, they also teach us to be adaptable and sometimes we are called to behave and act differently under varied situations. This is okay and part of our learning how to communicate better with others and the world around us. Or perhaps they are showing us areas that we need to clean up in our own lives so that we can meet our full potential.

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker






“Sewa Ania” from Gabriel Ayala’s Album Shades of Blue. available at http://www.ayalaguitarist.com/