a Medicine Wheel Teaching… the Sign of the Snake

Medicine-Wheel Teaching Snake

It is time to begin the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. I have been asked over and over about them, so as I have been taught I will now share those teachings with you. Please know that there are various interpretations of the teachings, but what I share is what I have been taught by my Teachers and my Elders over the years. So let us begin this journey as we prepare to enter into the time of the Snake, the Time of Frost as it sits on the Medicine Wheel beginning October 23rd thru November 22.

Being born at this time puts you into the Snake/the Time of Frost with the main influencing wind being the West Winds! The Totem that walks with this birth sign is that of the Grizzly Bear, it rests within the Frog Clan. The polarity totem that shares balance for the snake is the Beaver.

The Plant Totem for Snake is Thistle.
Thistle was used by our Ancestor’s and Tribal communities as a cure for stomach and digestive ailments and also against various poisons very effectively. Now a day, people look at thistle mostly as expensive bird seed. The plant itself grows very thick and dense in the wild and has beautiful purple flowers that rest at the top of the plant. It protects itself with prickly leaves along the plant that often can cause you to itch if you are not careful when harvesting the plant. Thistle is also full of vitamins, and the root of the plant when peeled can be eaten raw or even roasted. Also the leaves can make a wonderful medicinal tea after drying the leaves.

Like the thistle, Snake people also have protection that does not allow many to get too close to them, thus hiding who their true self really is. Because they often feel vulnerable, they will tend to keep people at arms length on order to feel more in control and safe.

The Mineral/Crystal is Amethyst.
Amethyst the Healers Stone! One of the most powerful crystals you can work with. Calming, healing, protecting and it enhances psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.

The Snake’s Affinity color is Violet.
Violet is the color of Spirituality and Healing. It relates to spiritual awareness the relationship and union with our higher self and a higher consciousness.

Elements that influence Snake as born to the Time of the Frost are Water and Earth. Earth providing the things needed for transformation, and transforming through change and into renewal of self and spiritual balance is how their lives are traveled.  Water assisting with the flow and rejuvenation of the soul!

Snake People are Intense, Impulsive, Determined, Ambitious and are often Mysterious in nature. They typically keep their true feelings hidden under layers upon layers of self.

Relationship compatibilities are best with those born under the signs of the Woodpecker or that of the Wolf.

Their Life Path is to seek and bring about sensitivity to their lives, as it is something they enter the world lacking and as they walk this path they unconsciously seek a spiritual union or soul mate that they feel they can not do without.

Being born during the Time of Frost, ideas, creativity and the energy that goes with bringing these things about are first and fore most on their minds. Yet sometimes that same energy gets them going in many directions instead of one at a time in order to finish the goals that are set. Then they find themselves at a halt or ‘Frozen’ with which direction to take next.

This is part of the learning curve they need to learn. To slow down and perhaps put some things aside in order to accomplish a task in a more positive and complete way. Timing comes into play as the lesson they are here to learn and cultivate. People born to the sign of the Snake need to find patience in life, and often have a difficult time mastering just that.

Being of the Frog Clan they are easily carried away as I put it, new and shiny things! They want to experience everything and leave no rock unturned. They are very capable of adding new insights to projects, life and ideas, but often do not stay long enough with it to actually receive any benefits from the experience, for they are quick to run off on the next adventure!

Snake people are people that are extreme in most things they do in their lives. They can for sudden attachments to people or things and then just as suddenly detach from them with out a blink.

Snake people crave attention and actually need it to feel good about themselves, and they need to be shown love in order to love in return. When that occurs love is all consuming and they are true and supportive of their partners but sometimes wind up loosing themselves in the relationship since they put their partner’s happiness above all else.

Best times of the year for people born to the Sign of the Snake the Time of Frost are October 23rd thru November 22
February 19th thru April 19th
June 21st thru July 21st

Tuesdays are the strongest day of the week when they can accomplish much.

5:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. best time of the day to accomplish thing

I hope you have enjoyed these insights and may they inspire you to look more into the Medicine Wheel teachings and how they can assist us all to bring balance to our Sacred Hoops! And make sure to add yourself to the mailing list if you are interested in learning more about the totems and the Medicine Wheel!

Mitakuye O`yasin,

bear Medicinewalker


blessings and paryers




“Discovering Years” from Pathway to Destiny: Songs of Healing and Contemplation by Louie Gonnie. Available at http://www.canyonrecords.com

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  1. Thank you! What is a polarity totem and how do they relate?
    My birth totem is Beaver, but the Snake was like looking in a mirror!

    1. I will be taking all through the teachings of the Wheel … so stay tuned as we travel the path in the upcoming weeks!

      Blessings~ bear

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