October 14, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Siamese Fighting Fish

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So today is about taking a deep breath and setting Ego’s aside. Time to listen to that little voice inside that keeps yelling at us all. Think of the old cartoons of the little Angle sitting on one shoulder, and the little devil sitting on the other and remember this word BALANCE.

It is important to understand dark and light and embrace all that resides within in order to find that perfect balance within our Sacred Hoops… our lives… we are human beings that are capable of amazing and wonderful things! However we have to learn to balance and understand that to everything there are two sides and then what lies in between…balance and truths.

So set aside the Egos…we are All no better than or less than… we are All part of the world we live in and imprint on life every moment of every day, so lets make them positive imprints!

The Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta is known for its splendor and color. They are associated with the Element of Air, which some may find as odd but they are lung breathers. So they bring and share with us that there are times in our lives that we simply need to stop and breathe. The Betta reminds us to not get into situations so deep that you forget the core of the issues. Swim and enjoy the flow of life.

Balance our masculine energy with our feminine side as does the Siamese Fighting Fish as it is the male that tends to the young and cares for the nest, defending and nurturing them. Remember to nurture the young spirit within our souls.

Siamese Fighting Fish teaches us how to be independent, to stand up for what we believe in, utilizing our intuitive nature that is strongest when we are associated and form relationships with the element of Water. The relationship with the spiritual and the ability to open and hear what is being shared through visions, dream state or clairaudience.

It also teaches us to keep our ego in check, never feel you are better than or less than another for the Universe will bring balance if you do not honor it on your own, so remember that We Are All Related yet unique and Sacred.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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