October 13, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Clown Fish

card 55 clown-fish
So today is a day to play and dance, to re-energize your souls! Look to those in and about your Sacred Hoops and seek to understand the positive workings of those relationships….We sometimes depend on others to have our backs and to have that and know it works is to understand the interactions between the world around us. So Rejoice in those connections…for if we nurture them they will assist us in keeping more balanced and positive in our daily steps!

The Clown Fish and Anemone fish share their spiritual guidance with us to assist us in finding and understanding wisdom, knowledge and teachings that can will help us to overcome the challenges that we face in life.

The Sea Anemone is known as the flower of the ocean, yet has deadly thorns, yet the Clown fish fearlessly takes refuge within her grasp. Bright and vibrant in appearance the Clown Fish is widely known for its bright orange/yellow coloration and bright white stripes. Together they are a formidable pair with the use of beauty as camouflage they teach us the ability to hide within dangerous situations and to move carefully through our lives.

They teach us that things can appear as one thing and be something totally different. Do not be quick to jump to assuming the worst and make sure to watch for hidden obstacles and dangers as you tread through a given situation.

They assist us with keeping safe from negativity. None of us are danger proof. All of us are prone to encounter difficult situations that we should/could avoid. Sometimes it is better to move to a safe position than directly confronting something. It doesn’t show weakness, quite the opposite it shows strength of character and wisdom.

Mitakuye O’yasin

~ bear Medicinewalker