October 9, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Lizard

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Today speaks to us about being who we have not been, the best of who we are, holding to the highest standards, beliefs and goals. We have been hiding in plain sight recently, not willing to step out of the box and into a more positive place of reality. We have manifested what we have put out there to the Universe, and because we are holding fear of change, we have been timid to step into the unknown possibilities and revel in the outcomes we have created. Stop just blending in and embrace the greatness you are! Stop hiding and simply blending in, this is time you step up and define to the world just who you are and share all the wonderful and amazing qualities you hold!

Lizard steps up to share with us that we may be repeating old cycles, recreating things because we have been doing them so long, it feels more natural that stepping into something new or opening the doors to something that is unknown. It tells us although we are able to face our fears, we often do not want to deal with them.

Lizard also shares truths about “EGO”, that often as human we are ruled by it. So what may be needed at the moment is to take a step back and let out hearts take over. Our “EGO” is often all to ready to step in and rule, so take time to really look deep within what is resonating with our hearts before making decisions or saying something we may regret.

Lizard shares that we are able to use all our “senses” as they were given to us at birth, rely on them, hone them and watch for situations that may not serve us and then remove ourselves from them or to step into the positive ones we need to move with.

It is time to awaken what lies beneath, the unconscious mind that has been hiding things we have not wanted to deal with. Lizard will allow us to move them to the forefront so we can process through them and get rid of what is no longer needed and place us back to reality.

We are all human, we are all flawed and the Lizard teaches us it is ok to be this way. Release as they release a tail, what needs to be let go, then move ahead and regrow in more positive ways.

Mitakuye O`yasin

bear Medicinewalker

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One Reply to “October 9, 2015 Totem Card of the Day – Lizard”

  1. This medicine arrived today for me as I pulled from your deck. And as is the norm, speaks to where I currently reside at the moment. Thank you so much for being in the divinely channelled flow of spirit speaking.
    I am listening.

    And this song plays me deeper into the dance.

    -Mitakuye O’yasin
    Aka: Luchain.royal@facebook.com

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