October 7, 2015 Card of the Day – Crocodile

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Many of us have been taking big hits to the core of who we are, in a way we are being tested. Tested often to our very limits of our beliefs, our traditions, values, ideologies all the way to our very souls. well it is the tide that we have to learn to roll with right now, roll with but not loose ourselves to it.

Society has gone so far off balance that we are loosing sight of the human, our very abilities to communicate with each other, to understand that we all have imperfections, faults and that is okay for that is what gives us our life experiences, it is how we grow. So today’s card is very fitting indeed, for what dropped is a true keeper of knowledge. one that has seen much over lifetimes and has learned to weather the storms of life as the world around them has changed drastically and yet have survived through it all…the Crocodile.

The Crocodile is one of the oldest creatures and has been around for ions. The wisdom and survival skill it has taken for them to live through centuries of change is something we should look closely at as they are here to teach us as human as well. Crocodile teaches us sometimes we need to reach deep within to our primal energy, things that are instinctive to move through our paths. It speaks to us of our breathing patterns to take time to take that deep breath in order to bring balance to our minds and bodies.

Crocodile is a protector and keeper of All Knowledge. So it is time to tap into what it is we need in order to inspire, manifest and walk our dreams and ambitions. Remember patience and to allow yourself time to adapt to change that may show up in your life at this time. It is a time of growth and regeneration. It is time to expand and use what you instinctively know for emotional healing, for self and perhaps even to those that you may encounter in your days.

Crocodile speaks to knowing when to roll with what life throws at us, when to show patience, when to dig deep and when it is time to wallow in mud to allow healing and regeneration, transformation to bring about healing and a new part to our journeys.

Honor your soul’s journey, from other lifetimes into our current path and continuing on as we gather energies and knowledge moving forward in positives to experience life in many forms.

Mitakuye O`yasin
bear Medicinewalker

“Dancin’ in the Light” from Wind Dreamer by Jan Michael Looking Wolf available on Itunes and at http://www.lookingwolf.com/

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