October 6th, 2015 Card of the Day – Red Tail Hawk

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Empowerment through Awareness! Time to open our eyes and take a good look at our lives and what we have brought into them. Time to rid ourselves of negatives and strengthen the core of our positives. It is all about the balance, it is all about releasing fear and things that truly have no place in our lives any longer. In order to grow as humans, we need to respect that change is always occurring, even down to the smallest cellular level and truly we can not stop it, it is part of the life experience.

So why not embrace it and ride the currents of life in a positive way. Kind of like viewing the glass half full, instead of half empty. Sure we are going to have moments that are not so great, or bad days here and there…but if we look to the lessons that are hidden within those moments, those days. we are less apt to repeat those lessons and not repeating them in that vicious cycle we often create of negativity and drama. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I learned long ago that the kind of negativity and drama as humans we invite in or manipulate does not win us any awards…so set yourself up for positives and success instead.

Red Tail Hawk shows up to help us understand the meaning in ordinary experiences if open and become aware of our surroundings. The Red Tail Hawk is awakening our souls so that we may begin the journey of our spirituality, preparing us for those Life Lessons that will soon show up.

Red Tail Hawks are messengers of the between, sharing insights and knowledge extended to us from the Ancestors and the world of Spirit. They speak to us of looking from a different vantage point and thus giving us a broader view of any given situation, helping us to not only be aware that a message awaits us, but also helping us to understand those messages.

Red Tailed Hawks are sacred and as they enter our presence, we must honor them by opening our minds and keeping them sharp while we look for wisdom and answers as we walk the human.

The Red Tailed Hawk’s red tail feathers distinguish it from other hawks, and remember that it does not receive their red feathers until at a later point in life after it has matured and experienced life around it. These feathers must be earned. The color Red represents Power and Energy that will lie dormant until it is awakened by our Souls as they walk and journey life and honor its own Sacred Hoop.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

From the Canyons Estun-Bah available at Canyon Records