So as promised, I will share the Vision I was given earlier in the week…

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So as promised to “Spirit” I will share with vision that was given to me this past week. As I began my walk in dreamtime, I was taken to a place of neither here nor there yet it was as if I was walking parallel with the world. Well let me stop for a second and take a couple of steps backwards.

When you think of people who do spiritual work, we often forget that they are also human complete with insecurities, self doubt and a need for validation and guidance. This is the place that I have been at for the past few weeks. And this is one of the reasons I retreat into the cave for introspect, clarity and healing work that I need done on self. I retreat and unplug myself from the world around me and simply am. It always amuses me for even some of my closest friends still don’t understand that this is what happens and is something I have done for years. Others of them get it rather quickly, as someone suggested to me the other day… “Well you are a bear and it’s what bear’s do.”

So what happens is people with these kinds of abilities, gifts and curses as some of us may call it, after time can wear us down making us tired and susceptible to doubt, negativity and/or a general feeling of okay are you sure I am supposed to be doing this? Or have I just lost it? Then the validations start showing up in and around our lives… we give messages to strangers that are so precise that it helps them to begin the healing process, or we connect with “spirit” in a way that connects another for transition, closure and the understanding that yes our souls are still on a journey when they leave the human.

Okay now let’s fast forward back to the beginning of the story as it began during my walk in dreamtime. When I have visions I am often in meditation or in a very light trippy spot of between sleep and awake, is the best way I can explain it. This particular time was the latter for I had been up earlier and had simply decided to go back to bed after taking care of the critters, which should have indicated to me something was up since they all decided to wake me at 4:30 a.m. very early even for them. I quickly was pulled to a meditative state, and Grandmother Moon was shining brightly on me through the window.

I was taken to a place that many people had gathered, Tribes of Many Colors and they were all there in celebration of prayer. When I looked towards the drums, there were many dancing together in a line that wrapped me in a circle that continued for farther than the eyes could see. There were people of every culture and ethnicity, dressed in the boldest and brightest of colors and regalia. There were Africans, Aboriginals, Japanese and Middle Easterners all dancing together in honor and prayer. There were Ancestors long past, and children of every color of the rainbow all singing and laughing and dancing alongside the people. It was joyous, it was harmonious, it was Life as it is meant to be…Alongside each other working together for a common goal, the goal of Balance.

I was shown artwork from around the globe, heard stories and songs from our Ancestors and from future generations. They all smiled and were eager to share the knowledge and insights that are available to each and every one of us now, in this time, in this place. They told me that humanity has lost its way and needs to go back to the beginning.. the beginning of simple to a place and time of honor, respect, shared wisdoms and knowledge, humility and love. It is tiring work for many, but we must be steadfast in what it is we are to do and how we are to walk, for the work continues to bring light to the darkness and balance to the one sided. We must set judgments aside and spread not ignorance of others, but faith in a future that can become our defining moments.

They continued to dance and sing around where I stood, and as they did creatures great and small from all their nations came to stand with me embracing me in reassurance. As I stepped away from self and looked at back as if through a two way mirror, I saw myself standing as half being and half bear.

I felt blessed and light of heart. I was shared messages for people I would be speaking with in the days ahead. I was shown directions I would be taking with creativity and my path while I walk the human. I was then instructed to step outside in the crisp air, lite my smudge and watched as the embers created the swirling smoke that danced into the early morning sky as if in greeting to the world that surrounds…

All is Sacred… All is as it should be.

Mitakuye O’yasin

~ bear Medicinewalker

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  1. How do you find what animal you are? Was told my totem through meditation, is it something shown through prayer?

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