Welcome to October! Card of the Day – Praying Mantis

card 37 Praying Mantis 1122

Pray Hard, Pray Often!
It is time to open your communications with Creator, the Ancestors and “Spirit“! Don’t ask how or when… do it on a bus, in a car, on a plane … while you are at work, silently within or with voice to be heard by ears. We need to understand that our needs, our desires, our worries and concerns, our joys and our sorrows…do not go unanswered or unheard. But we do need to understand that they need to be recognized by us as individuals. No matter what language, culture, ethnicity, we must embrace our “spiritual” from within and make it part of who we are.

Don’t hide from it…embrace it…allow it to keep you to the task at hand…. and that is to live life to the fullest honoring all those that have walked before us, to be thankful for all that we are and have and allowing the Sacred of All that is to be recognized and cared for.

Praying Mantis shares that we have gotten lost in the daily activity and chaos of our own lives. That we have forgotten to listen to our own voice. With that said it is time to take a step back and breathe in the 7 Sacred breathes. Reground, replenish what we have given away to this moment. Possibly do some simple meditation to recenter ourselves and remember our true self, our true path. Take a moment and breathe, look at all that is Sacred around us. the beauty of even the simplest thing or thought. Time to contemplate before stepping back into life. By doing this you will rekindle the purpose and meaning that are needed at this time.

Praying Mantis teaches us to return to the core of who we are born as. To step on our path with thoughtful placement of how we will imprint ourselves into the world around us. To carefully consider how we will move forward in positives and be prepared to step quickly and decisively when we need to.

It is time to listen to our intuition, do not push it away it has guided you through your life sometimes without us realizing. Trust what you are sensing, what you are feeling and move or stand accordingly to that inner voice.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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