…of Visions and Cards September 30, 2015 – Card(s) of the Day

september 30 2015
Stepping out into the crisp morning air, I stood and took a deep breath in. The visions came to me last night were intensely specific andgave me validation of purpose and path. I thanked Creator and the Ancestors for what I was shown, and was given permission to share it with all, and will do so later in the day. But First I will share the cards that settled for the day from the deck. The intensity of the Moon’s energy is still present with us all and is making its mark for a wider awareness of all things Sacred for the Tribes of Many Nations if we but open our souls to hear.

The deck was shuffled and as I began to count out the Seven for the Seven Sacred Directions, the 6th and 7th cards flipped over together. First to show itself was the 6th card which was the Blue Butterfly, signifying the transformations and transitions that have been occurring with all of us whether we choose to see and admit them or not. They have been sometimes gentle nudges but often more precise pushes from ‘Spirit” and the Ancestors as to getting on with our life in positives. As with the Butterfly coming out of its cocoon, sometimes this can be a struggle, but the blue healing light that is the color of the wings as I portrayed this particular card reminds us that we are not alone in anything we do, and Creator is here, as are those who have walked before us. Although they may not always be seen by the naked eye, does not mean that they are not with us.

The second card to turn itself was the Wolf. Many have a strong affinity with the wolf, but not all understand it’s true purpose. Wolf is not a creature to walk alone, the “Lone Wolf” description is myth… Wolf is n extremely social and loving animal. Dedicated to family and partner, the only time Wolf walks alone is when they are ill or off balance. Wolf comes to us as teacher and is urging us as we transform into the newness of each moment, we pay attention to what is and learn what can be. Embrace Life, do not hide in the shadows of it… walk with the pack in positives and keep our Sacred Hoops strong and healthy in the process.

card 39 Wolf 1122
Wolf is a very organized creature. It understands there is need for order and balance for harmony to occur with our Sacred Hoops. Wolf is regarded as one of the most powerful spirit guides of all for it represents teacher and lessons to be learned and shared with self. It speaks to us to seek counsel from people that you respect. To take a moment to step back and look for the true meaning from the issue you face. By doing so, you will be able to walk clearly ahead and do what needs to be done with the knowledge you can see it all clearly.

Although many think the site of a lone wolf means freedom but it does not. It instead represents that it is a time to look deep in oneself and find the balance that is needed in your own life that is lacking. For the wolf is meant to be in packs, in a community, in a family, with its mate. The times you see wolves on their own or isolated is do to unbalance that needs to reground and once again be in the circle of the Sacred Hoop.

The Wolf cry reminds us to stand our ground, remember we all need boundaries. It is about communication, answering the call and listening to the response. The Wolf an assist us to open and listen to the sound of others in order to understand better the situation. It is about having the strength of the pack, and your closest friends with you when you need them without questions.

Wolf is strongly connected to lunar cycles, so learn to move with that cycle and honor it in order to be at your best. They teach us to weed out what is the weakest and no longer serves us, so that new and better things will come our way.

card 27 butterfly 1122
The Butterfly is connected to the elemental Air. It represents to many cultures the story of Transformation. It teaches us how to shift, change and move with whatever life brings to our paths. This helps us to learn how to work through events and situations that we encounter in our lives so that we can move through changes in what appears to be effortless with grace allowing our Sacred Hoops to come into and stay balanced.

Butterfly shares with us the gift of understanding that we all have purpose, we are all part of a grander plan, that we all exist to complete the balance needed in the world we live in. Without each of us inputting our energies, our purposes… other things would not come to fruition. Such as the pollen that is collected when they land in a grouping of flowers, when they move from place to place they assist the species in continuing to exist. We too are much like the Butterfly, for without each of us to contribute our efforts, our knowledge sharing it with our young people, with each other… ideas and cultures would eventually cease to exist.

Butterfly teaches us that we need to quiet our minds to hear the echoes of our souls, to look around you and appreciate all that is Sacred. Teachings are also about how we move through our lives transforming and constantly changing. As we are seeded into the womb where we begin our earth journeys growing and nurturing to prepare to enter the world, we are much like the Butterfly in the cocoon until we emerge slowly transforming into what and who we are to become.

Throughout our lives this occurs as we move through the changes in our life. So don’t fight the changes, rather honor the process of it as your Soul grows and expands into all that it can be… the beautiful soul that is an intricate part of the Human Race.

So today take time and honor who you are, remembering that you and all that you are is meant to be for a purpose and wonderful reason…. Take a moment to breathe, take a moment to revel in becoming understanding that you are important to all life!

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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Between Two Worlds – Jeff Ball used with permission on the Wolf and the bear Network and available on Itunes