Morning after the Full Super Blood Moon 3 Cards Pulled September 28, 2015

3 card of the day moon

Well today will prove to be a very Powerful day indeed!

As I sat this morning, I have been trying to shake through the energy long enough to hear clearly. Last night in the sky above us all was the “Supermoon eclipse” and the last to occur until 2033. Also called the Full Harvest Moon. Many of the Native American tribes gathered crops and food supplies at this time for the upcoming year. The bright light of the Harvest Moon allowed them to work late into the night to harvest their crops.
The Harvest Moon varies and does not always occur in September but to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which falls during October once or twice a decade. Sometimes the September full moon is also referred to as the Corn Moon.

When I sat to pull the card of the day, three fell to the table, so I will honor the strength of “Spirit” and share with you all three!

card 14 Grouse 1122

The first to fall was the “Grouse” dancing under the moon’s glow that was still evident in the early morning sky. No Surprise here!
Taking time to celebrate the moment!

Grouse reminds us of what is Sacred within our own Hoops. It reminds us to stand in our own power, to drum and ground with the great Mother Earth, to experience our own heartbeats of our souls. Speaking to us and whispering that we need to dance and honor our own spirits, allowing the joys that are in life to enter and filling our own Sacred Hoops with the positives that are needed in the moment and beyond.

Grouse dances in circles, speaking to us of cycles that we walk through on our paths, from birth to death transitions and on to rebirth. We all experience these, from the moment we take our first breath, it is called change.

So the Grouse asks that we embrace those changes,,, and dance to the drumbeat of your own soul! Stand in your own power, revitalize your spirit, your human… dance and create, manifest what it is that you need to walk a more positive way on your own path. Don’t worry about what others are thinking or doing… concentrate on your own energy as you dance and place yourself in harmony and balance with body, mind and spirit.

Listen and hear as Grouse shares with us today and beats it’s wings and stomps the ground in harmony with all that is Sacred!

card 48 b Frog

The Next Card that came jumping to the table was of course “Frog
The Frog teaches us of transition and transformation, supporting us as we walk through times of change. Connecting us with the our deepest emotions and assisting us with the process of cleansing our physical, emotional, spiritual selves to attain balance.

The frog represents the cycles of life, birth and rebirth. If we take a glimpse at the Frogs own journey through life from a tadpole to the adult state it mirrors the many cycles of transformation and rebirth in our own lives.

It can assist us with the process of owning our own personal power. Recognizing it by cleansing ourselves of what no longer serves us and embracing with open arms what is now possible.

And the last card the Deck shared with me this morning is “Salmon

card 40 coho salmon 1122

Coho Salmon bring to our lives and teach us ways of abundance, fertility, prosperity and renewal of both the physical and spiritual. Guiding us with transformation, intuition, instinct, and urging us to examine your life considering any of the obstacles we may have on our paths as we walk forward.

Coho Salmon teaches us that the most valuable and sacred things in life must be fought for. Although it may seem the odds are impossible and the struggles have worn you out, your needs, goals and dreams are near, and that the most resistance normally occurs just before we succeed. So do not stop and give up now. This is not time to go with the flow today… ignore what outside pressures are placing on you and go with your own intuition, follow your instincts they will not fail you.

Like the Coho Salmon we also go through several transitions throughout our lives, so remember if you are feeling stuck it may be time to transition into newness of self, leaving what is not needed anymore behind. Return to your Soul’s intent, feel the Sacred of you and honor that as you push ahead to reach your goals.

So looking at the three cards, “Spirit” shares with us the freedom to Dance with our Souls! Enjoy the life we are here to live and experience, honoring the Sacred within! Our spirits have been given the energy to renew and transform…so take hold of our own power that comes from deep within our core! allow the abundance and fertility of ideas and creativity to blossom into positives your life… your path, your journey has been acknowledged and listen to the sacred from within and around your life and allow it to push you into the positive steps of life!

Enjoy the powerful energy that kicks us into a new week…new stories… new journeys and new experiences!

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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  1. These cards are perfect as to where I am in life and light/love now. Thank you for offering them to us! Looking forward to more from you. Thanks, Intz

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