September 25, 2015 Card of the Day – Racoon

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Okay so it is time to take the mask off. Today it is about not hiding from yourself or others. Time to own it and take back your own power so to speak. WE need to stop letting others expectations of us take hold and stopping us from being who we really are. As individuals we must learn that we are all different and unique from each other, meaning we need to stop and figure out just what our souls are trying to say to us… and then listen to that voice and be the person we are meant to be. Not what someone else thinks we need to be, do, say, act… It’s about taking your voice, your spirit back and being in control of it, allowing the positives to push you through the muck and negatives.

If we stop and think about it, there are days it is hard enough to be us…let alone being someone that others want us to be. So step into you, reclaim you… revel in you… BE YOU… and stop walking on the eggshells that others place on your path.

Raccoon teaches us to re-connect with our inner warrior, to become both provider and protector for ourselves and possibly others within our Sacred Hoop. However while assisting others, Raccoon teaches us that we must in this process, learn to do this in a way that does not make those you are helping become dependent on your help.

When dealing with issues the Raccoon leaves no stone unturned. Patiently and diligently seek the solution by taking the time needed to observe the whole picture, both the seen and the unseen to find a positive solution.

Raccoon are also the masters of curiosity, adaptability, resourcefulness, masks or illusion. They also speak of hiding behind and not being open an honest with your self. Learn to be more open and accept the gifts being offered to you right now by the universe.

Be more versatile and watch for opportunity by being more aware of your surroundings and what is happening in and around your own Sacred Hoop. Raccoon teaches us that as human we wear many masks in life and sometimes feel the need to hide our true self as protection or to hide from the reality of a situation. Just remember it is okay to do that for a short time, but do not get lost behind that mask, for we all have purpose, we all have meaning in this walk we are on.

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

One of the Wolf and the bear Networks favorite and talented Ms. Kellin Watson performing “Your Place in This World” from her No Static CD available on Itunes!

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    1. Kellin Watson…hails from over in North Carolina. She has been on the show a few times with me Ellen and when I listen to her…kinda just settles me. !
      You can find her over on Facebook at and Ty glad you are enjoying the posts… it is a great way fro me to promote our Brothers and Sisters in the Native Music World as well!

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