September 18, 2015 Card of the Day – Butterfly

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AAaaaahhhhhh This day I was up as the world here sleeps, and as I stepped out into the night air I could feel the life around me. It was electric actually. Reaching and touching the very core of my soul. Breathing in the freshness of the day that was getting prepared to begin, with the smell of the fresh water in the air the gentle rain began to fall. looking down I saw a frog pop out of the lawn and head to the waters edge and smiled.

Stretching my arms out and taking in a breath for each direction, I lit some Sacred Sage and the smoke swirls began to rise. Creating images as it circled the air it reminded me of the journey we all take, the imprints that are left on us helping us to grow and push through change. The amazing feeling we get when we push through it all as if coming from the cocoon and allowing our wings to first feel the air. First gently flicking them and then with a movement that makes us soar to new heights of our manifestations of life.

Wow, just take a moment and think how magical and inspiring the world is. The balances that are present, the negatives that are pushing us to be better human beings, that make us strive to do good, to love and to reach beyond what sometimes is thought of as possible. To take flight… to Dream…to be….

The Butterfly
The Butterfly is connected to the elemental Air. It represents to many cultures the story of Transformation. It teaches us how to shift, change and move with whatever life brings to our paths. This helps us to learn how to work through events and situations that we encounter in our lives so that we can move through changes in what appears to be effortless with grace allowing our Sacred Hoops to come into and stay balanced.

Butterfly shares with us the gift of understanding that we all have purpose, we are all part of a grander plan, that we all exist to complete the balance needed in the world we live in. Without each of us inputting our energies, our purposes… other things would not come to fruition. Such as the pollen that is collected when they land in a grouping of flowers, when they move from place to place they assist the species in continuing to exist. We too are much like the Butterfly, for without each of us to contribute our efforts, our knowledge sharing it with our young people, with each other… ideas and cultures would eventually cease to exist.

Butterfly teaches us that we need to quiet our minds to hear the echoes of our souls, to look around you and appreciate all that is Sacred. Teachings are also about how we move through our lives transforming and constantly changing. As we are seeded into the womb where we begin our earth journeys growing and nurturing to prepare to enter the world, we are much like the Butterfly in the cocoon until we emerge slowly transforming into what and who we are to become.

Throughout our lives this occurs as we move through the changes in our life. So don’t fight the changes, rather honor the process of it as your Soul grows and expands into all that it can be… the beautiful soul that is an intricate part of the Human Race.

So today take time and honor who you are, remembering that you and all that you are is meant to be for a purpose and wonderful reason…. Take a moment to breathe, take a moment to revel in becoming understanding that you are important to all life!

Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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