Remember to Take Time and Live in the Moment…


Remember to Take Time and Live in the Moment…
Definition of MOMENT
1a : a minute portion or point of time : instant
b : a comparatively brief period of time
2a : present time

Live in the Moment! How many of us actually do that…or if we do…how often do we do that? Not very I am guessing. Most of us get caught up in the monotony of our days, the rushing about to get to the appointments or work, the standing in lines or sitting in waiting rooms waiting to get moving again. Impatiently rushing through our lives, sometimes forgetting that we even have to stop to breath.

Yet it is so important to stop and honor our self and all that we are. To take a moment to breath in all of life and its magic…its wonderment. I often here people say, where has the time gone, or wow when did they grow up? We need to all slow down, and focus on the fact we are here… in what I call real time… and be in that moment.

So that is what today is about…those moments of real time….

So we are stopping and getting a feel that yes we truly are alive, not just going through the motions…now perhaps it is time to dance a little more with life… Tune out all the chaos and craziness of the world around you… take a deep breath in…. and now out…. And listen… do you hear it? Can you feel it…? Now dance with the vibrations and energy…within your minds… or perhaps in realtime…..

Now we are renewing our spirits…or self… renewal and replenishment is so important. For if we do nothing but continually share the water and never drink some ourselves, eventually it runs out…so we need to stop and remember every now and then in our days…to drink from our wells and renew …revitalize…clear our thoughts, the energy around us…and simply BE….

I ask that today and all days ahead, that we are reminded to stop and breathe in the life that is around us. That you guide us to replenish our own wells and remember it is a good thing to do. That we remember to dance with our spirits, and sing with our voices…to stay in touch with our humanness and not get caught up in the chaotic worlds that can often distract…
So my wish to you all today is for you all Dance, sing, dream, breathe in the moments that you are living …and actually LIVE THEM… feel them. Most of all, stop and remember that you are alive….

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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