Are You Kidding Me? Who Cares What the Label Is?

Are You Kidding Me  Who Cares What the Label Is
Are You Kidding Me? Who Cares What the Label Is!
Is it Terrorism, Racial Violence or a Hate Crime? You’re too white. You’re too black. You’re not native enough. You’re too gay. You’re religion is wrong. Good Cop vs. Bad Cop. Then broaden the scale, Our Bombs are bigger than yours. Our planes can out maneuver yours. Our acts of war are righteous, yours are crimes against humanity. So where does this lead us? Well in my eyes it leads us to the darkness of a rabbit hole like in the story Alice and Wonderland. And I for one do not want to be sucked into that hole of never ending darkness to become an unwilling participant.

What is happening to us as a Human Race? People need to stop, honor and respect self understanding we are all no better than or less than others. To begin to take responsibility for our children by teaching them right from wrong. Building foundations with the 7 Grandfather teachings… the basic foundation for all life.

“Wisdom – Love – Respect – Courage – Honesty – Humility – Truth”

Why is it that Terrorism, Racial Violence and Hate Crimes exist? Because we create it, we feed it. The media feeds it, our fears feed it, our ignorance and ego’s feed it. Why should we debate that it is called an act of terrorism or hate crime? Bottom line is if we all put as much energy into being kinder to one another, more understanding of our differences, more accepting of things that are outside our wheel house, paying more attention to what our children are doing and who they are doing it with, finding what is these days lost in the shuffle … a thing called FAMILY, the world would be a better place.

We all have history, we all have bad stuff that has happened to us at one time or another, and we all have choice to take the negative crap life throws at us and wear it as a badge feeding it until we can not breathe and continue to live in fear. Or we can set it to the curb like the garbage it is and become part of the process of healing. Healing not only ourselves but that of the world around us, the one we participate in. If we did perhaps there would be a little less of that negative crap out there for us to deal with. Like attracts like… so why not address the issues as they truly are?

Let’s help our Elderly who have paved the way for us in this life. Let’s feed our children who are hungry, not in the world… but in our own communities. Let’s assist those less fortunate by assisting them to achieve simple things such as providing shelter and basic needs for themselves. Teaching, nurturing and setting by positive example so that others will follow that pattern of the basic foundation for life.

So when I see a college student murdered because of their religious faith, cops involved of a human (criminal or not) being killed, a young person walking into a church and murdering people who are there to pray, I do not see the color of their skin, the jobs they hold…all I see is really bad messed up people doing really bad messed up things and I pray for them ALL! So I dare ya’ll to join me…

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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