A Lesson from a Tiny little Lizard

A Lesson from a Tiny little Lizard

So as I rose this morning my thoughts were already in process of forging which direction the day was going to take. I went through the morning rituals and adjusted to a few things that were out of the ordinary. I walked throughout the house and opened the windows, thinking it was perhaps warm, a fact that I became well aware of within 20 minutes or so was definitely not the case.

So as I began to retrace my steps to close them again (due to the fact it was only 42degrees outside), I stopped just short of the window in my daughter’s room. Looking through the glass to the outside world I saw three sets of Geese walking their little ones across the front of the yard gloriously unconcerned about anything but breakfast, bugs and exploration as they traveled from spot to spot. I smiled from inside because here were these little beautiful balls of fluff filled with curiosity and no huge care in the world, for them it is a simple life for the most part. Wish it was as simple and carefree for all of us.

I then said Morning Prayer and smudged my deck preparing for the morning card of the day that I share on social media. As I shuffled and tossed the cards the card that came up as the seventh one drawn was the Lizard. I went ahead and posted it in several places and then something showed up on my news feed that not only drew my attention, but somewhat irritated me. So grab a cup-a-whatever floats your boat as I share some thoughts with ya’ll.

Everywhere I looked, on my news feed for social media, on CNN’s page, Bing and MSN news feeds, local news feeds all I saw was people attacking other people. Headlines filled with sensationalism to draw in people and feed them negative energy. It can become quite overwhelming and sour your day to say the least if you allow it to. I then saw on another feed a person that was attacking another person, drawing in people to see things that were accusations and basically an attack on another person’s integrity. Seeing that I know some of the people involved, I felt sadness that again the ‘EGO” and “JUDGEMENT” buttons had been pushed.

So do I know the story behind it? Nope and I am not interested in the she said /he saids of the matter. Are we supposed to believe everything someone writes or says about another without knowing first hand? Nope we should not, but often with social media we do and that is what makes me sad. It starts out small and next thing you know it rolls out like the Salem Witch Hunt, and for what end?

Then the accusers state they are doing nothing wrong and just want people to know… they are innocent in anything but providing the truths (as they see it and want us to see it as well) and everyone can judge for themselves. Of course placing the information on a social media site is really a professional way of dealing with something for sure, right? After all we are all mature adults, but hey it’s their five minutes of fame and attention.

And I am sure some that will read this post will feel I am writing about them, but I am not writing about anyone in particular at all. For it is written and spoken all over the place by many. Things about religion, work, race, government, entertainment, you name it and it is written about, outing some said person for some said deed. As I stated previously …it is sad. What is even sadder is often it begins from people who profess to be of strong faith, or a so called “Light Worker”, a pastor or church goer. And of course they know best, their way is the only way. Then the words are twisted and they say that they are just trying to educate us or help us see the truth, consistently doing the passive aggressive dance of words.

People when are we going to wake up? When are we going to come to a place that we can educate ourselves and not become a sheep that follows someone spouting negatives? If you are truly a friend of someone, wouldn’t it be more productive to contact them one on one instead of on social media or calling someone out on a broadcast, or a news article, or talking behind peoples back at work or at a social gathering? Wouldn’t it be healthier and more positive? I would definitely think so…

We are born with free will and choice as human, and I for one think many people need to stop listening to others Bullshit and follow our own instinct, our own guts because ultimately we know what is right from wrong. Or at least we should. So what was it Lizard says to us all, what teachings does it share?

Well Lizard shares truths about “EGO”, that often as human we are ruled by it. So what may be needed at the moment is to take a step back and let out hearts take over. Our “EGO” is often all to ready to step in and rule, so take time to really look deep within what is resonating with our hearts before making decisions or saying something we may regret.

Lizard shares that we are able to use all our “senses” as they were given to us at birth, rely on them, hone them and watch for situations that may not serve us and then remove ourselves from them or to step into the positive ones we need to move with.

It is time to awaken what lies beneath, the unconscious mind that has been hiding things we have not wanted to deal with. Lizard will allow us to move them to the forefront so we can process through them and get rid of what is no longer needed and place us back to reality.
We are all human, we are all flawed and the Lizard teaches us it is ok to be this way. Release as they release a tail, what needs to be let go, then move ahead and regrow in more positive ways.

So when I tossed the card early this morning I didn’t know how accurate it was going to be about the week many of us have had. Sometimes it is time to move away from something or someone because we no longer are at the same point on the path.

The lesson is over, take from it what you will and move ahead. We do not have to destroy others in the process for we are not judge nor jury, we do not have that right…of course unless you can honestly take a step into your own glass house and say how perfect you are. I don’t know about you all, but I can’t, because like all of you I have cracks there too.

So folks…be kinder and gentler with each other. Remember it could just as easily be you in those shoes and find yourself at the end of she said/he said…

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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