I pray that all the sorrows of the world are lessened with each moment…


So I guess this has been the theme of the day….

I went to my local post office, a place I go often several times a week actually and have for years. I know most of the workers by first name, and they know me. I would say it is part of small time charm but it ws the same when I lived down state. Why because I take time to notice and engage with people from all walks of life.

As I waited to walk up to the window to post my parcels, I looked over at the card rack there and grabbed one off the rack; it was a Dr. Seuss card. I was the only customer as I placed my things on the counter. I said morning to the guy on the other side and my thoughts were sort of elsewhere when I realized he was addressing me.

I quickly replied, “I am sorry what was it you said?”

He looked up with a smile on his face and repeated what he had said, “Well at least they haven’t got to Dr. Seuss yet right?”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about and replied back, “I am sorry who hasn’t gotten Dr. Seuss?’

The reply, “Well you know they got Sesame Street right?”

So I am running things through my little bear brain and since I collect stamps, I thought that this was what he was referring to. “I am not following, you mean stamps?”

“No I mean the gay thing.”

I kinda of snapped my attention to him and said, “Um again not quite following…the gay thing?”

“Yeah you know the gay thing. They have GAY characters now on Sesame Street,” as he continued to post my parcels.

“Ummm well it is 2015, I think it is a good way to help children understand things in a positive light, don’t you?” I was thinking to myself that he could not be picking to argue this with me could he? But as you all know, Creator places situations on our path to challenge us…

“No it isn’t a good thing, its wrong. It’s a choice,” again he responded.

“I am sorry what it a choice?” I asked him.

“Being gay,” Very clearly stated.

“Really it is a choice eh?” I asked him.

“Of course it is pffffffff…” he responded.

After which the maintenance man came out from behind the counter prancing and dancing, and saying, “Look at me I am a guy pretending to be a girl so I can go into girls locker rooms.”

Outrage was building quickly, but I was seeing this more as a teaching moment than anything else. “Well you know I know many transgender people and am familiar with the issues they face; and I guarantee that you would not be able to deal with what they go through emotionally, socially or physically.” To which they both laughed…

I looked at them both, men that I have shared laughter, coffee, cupcakes and known for years, “Well I can tell you from personal experience it is not a choice, I am gay and was born this way. But I can tell you something that is by choice… CHOOSING to be a judgmental Jack Ass. Have a great day.”

I walked out of the post office.  All this conversation because I purchased a Dr. Seuss card.

People we need to remember that we are all unique and all different. Being gay is no more a choice than being born a heterosexual. It is simply part of who we are as individuals, as human. We need to be more understanding, more tolerant of being different. As adults we have the charge of molding and assisting our youth to understand that it is okay to be who we are as people. The heart wants what the heart wants.

I do not wave a flag in people’s faces, but I can tell you throughout my life being gay was always a struggle, until I simply stepped into it and accepted it. It is part of who I am… but it is not the only part of who I am. Diversity is part of the world that makes it amazing and magical. Yet when we add ignorance, hate, racism, anger, wrong information, negativity into that mix…it is by choice,

So it is time people stop and look in the mirror…take a good long look, and remember we are all Humans on paths that our only intent should be to walk it the best way we can to allow our soul’s to experience life to the fullest in positives. Worry more about how you walk, than what sex, religion, political party others may be walking…. Worry more about positive and loving ways that you can show the children life can offer. Not the ugliness of it, there is enough of that in the world when they turn on a video game or the televisions. Be an adult that shares knowledge of how to get along with others, how to be unconditional, because after all we all can step back into the glass house in a blink of an eye can’t we?

I pray for the small minded, the haters, the bullies…
I pray that light and joy fill their hearts where darkness, anger and bitterness now live.
I pray that the things that have made them this way from the past are released and they can move ahead in more positives in the present and future.

I pray that all the sorrows of the world are lessened with each moment…
~ bear Medicinewalker

burning sage

sacred Hoop project 2015

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